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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Arab 'justice': Jordanian man gets 6 months for 'honor killing' of 16-year old married daughter

That'll teach him to go killing his children.

A Jordanian man received a six-month jail sentence on Wednesday for the 'honor killing' of his 16-year old daughter.
The court ruled Wednesday that the man killed his married daughter because she had an affair out of the wedlock. The enraged father severely beat her with a baton and ultimately electrocuted her in November 2006. [Can someone explain to me why a 16-year old is married? I have a 16-year old daughter and I wouldn't dream of marrying her off right now even if she wanted to get married. Something tells me that this man's daughter did not want to get married. And at what age did he marry her off? 12? 14? CiJ]

Neither the father nor daughter were identified.

Like other tribal-oriented societies, many Jordanians consider sex out of the wedlock an indelible stain on the family's honor that can only be cleansed by blood.
Really? Can anyone name a non-Muslim 'tribal-oriented society' where families routinely murder their own daughters and sisters for having sex out of wedlock?


At 7:46 PM, Blogger Smokey Behr said...

Reading the JPost story, and noticing that it came from the AP, just leads me to believe that the AP is really scraping the bottom of the barrel to get writers.


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