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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

And again: Terror attack in Nahal Oz (Updated)

At least four 'Palestinian' terrorists infiltrated the Kibbutz of Nahal Oz near the Gaza Strip this afternoon. At least two Israelis - employees of the terminal which supplies fuel to the Gaza Strip - were murdered, and the IDF has now cut off fuel supplies to Gaza. IDF troops came under heavy gun and mortar fire when they arrived on the scene. The IDF has killed at least one terrorist, two more escaped back to Gaza and the whereabouts of the fourth are presently unknown.

/'Impregnable security fence' around Gaza


It's now been reported that there may have been as many as seven terrorists (Israel Radio still says four) and the IDF says that two of them were killed at Nahal Oz. The IAF managed to attack a car carrying at least one of the fleeing terrorists and apparently killed him (Hamas says one seriously wounded; the IDF says two killed).

Everyone but Hamas has claimed responsibility for this attack: 'moderate' Fatah's Mujahideen Brigades, the 'Popular Resistance Committees' (the people who kidnapped Gilad Shalit) and Islamic Jihad. Israel says it will hold Hamas responsible.


At 6:12 PM, Blogger NormanF said...

The terror attack was at the checkpoint on the north of Gaza by the fueling station. Ironically, the Israelis murdered were pumping fuel for Gaza.

The morons who run Israel's government think Israel's enemy has an inalienable entitlement to fuel from a country it seeks to destroy even as it shells Israeli cities and murders Israelis who display unwarranted chivalry toward the enemy.

The mercy of fools resulted in dead Israelis today. Don't look for the Israeli government to reconsider the recent policy of gestures dictated by Secretary Rice in the wake of the terror attack.

At 7:59 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

The solution to this is very simple. Doesn't require anything more than a moron capacity to arrive at the correct answer.

Immediately, without delay, cut off all fuel, power, and any other services that Israel misguidedly provides the terrorists.

If the world screams, and they will, give the world a chance to offer these services. Through Egypt. Israel should have none of it.

Let gazastan reap what it sows. If there is a humanitarian "disaster" or collective punishment words flying about, point out, in simple language so that the antagonist will comprehend, that gazastan is in a defacto state of war with Israel, and it is foolish to give aid and comfort to an entity that is bombing your citizens, infiltrating your territory, murdering and causing mayhem. Further point out that the antagonist, by supporting the right of the enemy to kill, maim, torture, destroy at will, means they are on the wrong side of the law, and may be brought up on charges of supporting terrorism, aiding and abetting terror, financing terror, ...

Give them no where to turn, take the moral high ground, and rip them a metaphorical "new one".

This is wishful thinking of course, as Dr. Rice will demand "measured response" to this. And Olmert is already ahead of her.

Israel, you need to seriously replace your government. Now. They have failed, in a fundamental way to protect you. Allowing them to continue will continue the attacks. You might find the other contenders objectionable, but ask yourself this ... who among the political leaders is most likely to build and use a deterrent? Who would respond with the appropriate force to stop the attacks? That is the person you need in power, now.


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