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Friday, March 07, 2008

Video: From Jabel Mukaber to Jerusalem via Gaza

The Israeli Arab who gunned down eight yeshiva students in cold blood Thursday night was identified as Alaa Abu Ala Dheim, a 20 year old former driver for the yeshiva from the east Jerusalem village Jabel Mukaber. On Friday his family set up a mourning tent decorated with green Hamas flags. (For the record, the yeshiva is denying that he worked for it. Most Israelis in Jerusalem stopped employing Arabs for any reason seven or eight years ago when the Oslo Terror War broke out).

The real question is why the IDF is not destroying the family's home, as used to be done with terrorists.

In Gaza mosques on Thursday night worshipers rejoiced on hearing of the news of the terrorist shooting in Jerusalem and took to the streets to celebrate. In Jerusalem yeshiva students blamed the government for supplying guns to the Palestinian Authority, declaring Thursday's attack is only the beginning of the heavy price Israel will have to pay.

One of my neighbor's sons was seriously wounded in last night's terror attack. I ask that you all pray for Shimon Ben Tirza.


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