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Saturday, March 01, 2008

'Palestinian' baby killed by misfired rocket

Two IDF soldiers were killed in fighting with the 'Palestinians' in Gaza and five more were lightly to moderately wounded, one of them an officer. But the IDF has not yet undertaken a full ground invasion.

Some 47 'Palestinians' have been killed today and 40 more have been wounded in fighting in the Gaza Strip. One of the 'Palestinians' killed was a baby but that wasn't Israel's doing:
One soldier was killed when a Palestinian threw an explosive device towards him and
the second soldier was killed during a gun battle that had ensued between his force and Palestinian terrorists. Of the five troops lightly-to moderately wounded, one was an officer.

According to Palestinian sources, at least 16 of those killed were civilians, including a baby reported to have been struck when a Palestinian rocket misfired, as well as two teenagers. Palestinian gunmen bombarded Israel with at least 44 rockets and mortar rounds the evening, undeterred by Israeli troops backed by tanks and attack aircrafts.


Hamas said the baby, Malak Karfaneh, was killed and three other civilians were wounded in an Israeli strike on Beit Hanun, a northern town where Palestinians often launch rockets at Israel. But local residents said one of those rockets fell short and landed in the area of the baby's house.

The IDF, which sent troops, tanks and aircraft after Gaza rocket squads, said it only attacks rocket-launching operations, but noted that terrorists sometimes operate within civilian areas.
In other words, the IDF is still only going after the rocket launchers and not after the people sending them or the terrorist leaders. If anyone still needs proof that the 'Palestinians' launch rockets from civilian areas, please recall this incident.
Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas called on Israel to stop all attacks in Gaza and urged Palestinians to halt the rocket fire. "It is in the interest of the Palestinian people not to give Israel any pretext to continue its aggressions," a statement from his office said.
The 'moderate' 'Palestinians' of Fatah are also threatening to suspend 'peace talks' (Hat Tip: Little Green Footballs).

Chief Palestinian negotiator Ahmed Qureia said Palestinian leaders, including President Mahmoud Abbas, recommended suspending peace talks at a meeting Saturday in the West Bank town of Ramallah.

"I think it will be suspended," Qureia said. "What is happening in Gaza is a massacre of civilians, women and children, a collective killing, genocide," Qureia added. "We can't bear what the Israelis are doing, and what the Israelis are doing doesn't led [probably should say "lend" CiJ] the peace process any credibility."

But you know that the 'Palestinians' have gone over the limit if they are being denounced by the State Department (this is from JPost again):
US State Department spokesman Tom Casey denounced Hamas's rocket attacks as "completely unacceptable" and demanded they stop.
But of course, there's still the compulsory 'cycle of violence' statement:
He also said the US regularly urges Israel to consider the consequences of its actions and to pay careful attention to the humanitarian needs of the Palestinian people.
When will the 'Palestinian leadership' pay 'careful attention' to the humanitarian needs of the fake 'Palestinian people?' When and if that ever happens, the violence will considerably subside.


At 8:13 PM, Blogger Thud said...

It would be criminal to not let the IDF keep up the momentum gained in the last 2 days..anything short of seriously hurting Hamas will be counterproductive as everytime this happens the international community makes it harder to do again.

At 4:38 AM, Blogger NormanF said...

Just give the Palestinians a reichlet and they will stop sacrificing tender infants to get back at Israel.


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