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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Obama's 'typical white grandparents'

Barack Hussein Obama's 'typical white grandmother' has osteoporosis so she cannot take part in his campaign. But she's glued to CNN watching it. After reading this story, I can only wonder what she thinks when she sees what 'Barry' says about her.

Does he have any reason to believe she was a "typical" prejudiced "white person?" No. The opposite is true. Unlike Barack himself, his grandparents were active anti-racist. So much so, that they had difficulty fitting into Texas' racist society of the early 1960s.

He writes(pp.18-21):

. . . At a bank where she worked, Toot (his grandmother's nickname) made the acquaintance of the janitor, a tall and dignified black World War II vet she remembers only as Mr. Reed. While the two of them chatted in the hallways one day, a secretary in the office stormed up and hissed that Toot should never, ever, "call no nigger 'Mister.'" Not long afterwards, Toot would find Mr. Reed in a corner of the building weeping quietly to himself. . . .

They (grandparents) decided Toot would keep calling Mr. Reed "Mister," . . . . Grams began to decline invitations from coworkers to go out for a beer, telling them he had to get home to keep the wife happy.

He goes on to tell a story about his 11 year old mother who played in the front yard with a young Black girl. Neighborhood Children gathered outside the picket fence shouting: "Nigger lover!" and "Dirty Yankee!" The grandmother tried to get them into the house. The grandfather went further:

Gramps was beside himself when he heard what had happened. He interrogated my mother, wrote down names. The next day he took the morning off from work to visit the school principal. He personally called the parents of some of the offending children to give them a piece of his mind.

No, his grandfather did not say that he could no more disown racist whites than disown the white community. The grandmother, he dismisses as a "typical white (racist) person" explained their attitudes thus:

Your grandfather and I just figured we should treat people decently, Bar. That's all."
It seems that she succeeded in raising a color blind daughter but not a color blind grandson.
Read the whole thing.

The funny thing is that my parents' attitude towards blacks was very much like that of Obama's grandparents. When my parents sold their home in a suburban development west of Boston to a black family in 1964, a delegation of neighbors came to ask my father to 'reconsider.' He refused. I didn't discuss Obama with Dad at all during my recent trip to Boston. I also wonder what Mom (a"h) would have thought of him. She probably would not be too happy with his pastor - that's for sure. But if I had married an Ethiopian Jewish girl (for example), my parents would have been supportive. Obama's treatment of his grandparents shows that he has little or no appreciation for any of the white people who sacrificed for the civil rights movement that helped get him to where he is today. Maybe that's why he's so callous towards Jews and Israel (to bring the post back on topic).


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At 11:18 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

In elementary grades in my Jewish School, we learned about Martin Luther King and the ERA.

Growing up in the US, in a religious Jewish family, my father, a European immigrant, taught us at an early age that skin color is an irrelevant factor in judging people's worth.

None of my friends and classmates in all the Jewish scools I attended were any different.

Reading these stories of primative racists makes me sick to my stomach. I cannot begin to fathom how a person can think along such lines.

At 6:00 PM, Blogger Leah Hargrove said...

My feeling is that you missed the popint of Obama's comments entirely, which seemed to be that even well meaning people revert to stereotypes when interacting with different people.

This fact in no way detracted from their relationship or her love for her grandson. Obama stated this fact as well. Inflammatory comments taken out of context do not lead to meaningful dialogue. Why did you take his comment out of context?

Shame on you.

Leah Hargrove
Atlanta, GA

At 11:43 PM, Blogger Consumer Advocate said...

If you really have an open mind, a truly open mind unclouded by herd mentality and social persuasions then check out the Libertarian party.
Obama is a liar, he's absolutely no different from any other politician aside from how he looks. Is that really a qualification for bringing true change? And keep in mind, change could be for the worse. Murphy's Law

At 12:04 PM, Blogger maya said...

Obviously you are the racist, trying to divide and create conflict. If you read Obama's bio, written before his nomination, you'd realize that he truly loves his grandparents and mom. Everybody has character flaws, regarding of race, even the most perfect parents or grandparents. That doesn't mean that you stop loving and appreciating them. Obamas speaks with a calm respect to whites, blacks, republicans, democrats, citizens and foreigners.

At 1:11 PM, Blogger cassandra said...

Is there truelly a Jew on the face of this earth that in their heart can be or accept Racism? Pograms in Europe that decimated our race, made us run and hide? We are stronger for our ability to withstand horrors...our ancestry has taught recovery, tollerance. No race has suffered what ours has, yet we are the most tollerant of all.

At 1:41 PM, Blogger JP said...

Why do you Jews constantly have to insult White Christians? The racist society of Texas? You don't know anything about Texas and White Christians. Shut up already, demonizing Jews.


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