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Saturday, March 01, 2008

Holocaust denier says IDF actions 'worse than Holocaust'

This is rich.

'Moderate' 'Palestinian' President Mahmoud Abbas Abu Mazen, whose thesis denied the Holocaust, says that IDF actions in Gaza against Hamas terrorists are 'worse than the Holocaust.'
Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas labeled Israel's actions to counter the constant firing of rockets into the Gaza Strip "worse than the Holocaust."

Abbas said that Israel's response to the continuous bombardment of western Negev towns by Palestinian terrorists was too severe, saying that its operations which have left at least 33 Palestinians dead on Saturday were unacceptable retaliation to the firing of rockets.
But there was yet another 'Palestinian' leader who had even more explicit comments:
The Fatah head was not the only Palestinian leader to be associating the military maneuvers with the Holocaust - exiled Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal described the operations as "the real Holocaust" on Saturday afternoon.

"Israeli actions in Gaza since Wednesday is the real Holocaust," Mashaal told reporters in Damascus, where he lives in exile.

He accused Israel of "exaggerating the Holocaust and using it to blackmail the world."


He also blamed some European countries, without naming them, for keeping silent on Israeli attacks against Palestinian civilians.

"It is shameful that some Western countries try to clear their conscience with regards to the Holocaust that took place on their own land by being silent on the real Holocaust being committed by Israel against the Palestinian people," he said.
Europe would have to find its conscience first in order to clear it. Their continued support for the 'Palestinians' proves that.


At 3:07 AM, Blogger Unknown said...

He's managed to top Jimmy Carter's worse-than-South-Africa and worse-than-Rwanda absurdities. I hope he keeps up the rhetoric and that it exposes him as being the genocidal liar and extremist we pretend he's not.

At 4:41 AM, Blogger NormanF said...

If the situation was reversed, it would be a Holocaust in Israel. That seems to escape every one's attention. By the annals of warfare, Israel's behavior has been exceedingly restrained. No other nation on earth would have put up with what Israel has been putting up with for a long while now.

At 11:29 AM, Blogger james burke said...

the joke is that if you took all the palestinians ever killed and i'm not going to go into this, but just on numbers, the total palestinians killed will not even compete with one day of butchery in the ww2 holocaust. Actually there were probably many days in 20 Century where more jews died than in total israel/palestinian conflict.


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