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Monday, March 31, 2008

76% of Israelis favor 'transfer'

Rabbi Meir Kahane HY"D (may God avenge his blood) has been vindicated. Sort of.

A survey finds that 76% of Israelis favor 'transferring' 'Israeli Arabs' to a 'Palestinian state reichlet if one is ever established. Kahane favored 'transferring' Arabs out of Israel to Arab countries, but never envisioned a 'Palestinian' reichlet. The poll was commissioned by the Knesset Channel.
The poll, conducted over the internet, included 668 adult Israelis representing the entire political spectrum, cites a 3.7% margin of error.

The poll asked participants whether as part of an agreement to establish a Palestinian state there would be justification to demand that Arabs with Israeli citizenship relocate to Palestinian territory.

Only 24% were totally against the idea.

Of the remaining 76%, 29% said all Israeli Arabs should relocate. An additional 19% said only Arabs living in close proximity to the Palestinian state should relocate, and 28% said transfer should be decided based on loyalty or disloyalty to the State of Israel.

The data reflects Jewish Israelis' distrust of Arabs national priorities. 50% said Arabs identify first and foremost with the Palestinian cause and see their Israeli loyalty as secondary. 40% said Arabs identify solely with Palestinians, and only a single percent thought Arabs identify wholly with their Israeli identity.

Notwithstanding their belief that Arabs' right to retain their property was not obvious, 52% thought Israeli Arabs were not discriminated against by the state. 43% said they were discriminated against and one percent remained undecided.
Approximately 20% of Israel's population is Arab and my guess is that nearly all of them don't want to be transferred to a 'Palestinian' reichlet. For example, see this. In fact, Arab MK's are upset that the poll was taken in the first place.
Hadash Chairman MK Muhammad Barakei was furious that the Knesset Channel initiated such a poll.

"The Knesset Channel should express Israeli democracy and cannot act as a private company advancing insane and racist ideology," he said.

Barakei said that "even if 90 MKs would decide the channel has no right to express such ideas, it would still have such a right. Some things are not decided by a majority and minority [referendum or vote], and the right to exist or to express oneself freely are among those privileges. The channel failed colossally by merely raising such a question, and it is appropriate that those in control of the channel would reprimand it, without limiting its freedom of expression.

Barakei and other Arab MKs joined Jaffa's Arabs in events commemorating Land Day over the weekend, where demonstrators hoisted Palestinian flags and described Israel as a "racist and fascist" state.
If they really believe we're a racist, fascist state, why would they want to be part of the State of Israel?

For those who have forgotten, here's a video of a 1984 debate on ABC's Nightline between Rabbi Meir Kahane and current Prime Minister Ehud K. Olmert. Who do you think was right?


At 9:32 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why not convince the Israeli Arabs to move to Jerusalem and out of the rest of Israel. That way you might still control the region while somewhat diffusing the problems there demographically.

Just rezone so that there are a lot of jobs in that area that might hire Palestinian Arabs and provide the opportunity for Israeli Arabs to take jobs in these job locations as some kind of management.

It could backfire and the Israeli Arabs might go native and take Jerusalem with them but if not, it's probably easier to manage than any other kind of transfer, and the possible loss of jobs and a populace not entirely subservient to Fatah might give some Pals something worth defending instead of destroying.

At 9:42 PM, Blogger NormanF said...

Carl - there's no doubt such a population exchange would be both logical and just. An Israel without a 20% Arab population would be a Jewish State the Arabs could not hope to defeat either by breeding more babies within or without by war.

From a security point of view, an Israel without a single Arab within her borders would mean a lot of redundant and unnecessary security measures could be eliminated, freeing up resources that could be diverted to more productive ends.

Basically, the Arabs should live over there and the Jews should live over here and fences do make for good neighbors. The Arabs should be spared the pain of living in a country they can never identify with. That should be the true aim of Zionism - a state for the Jews just as the Arabs live in their own country.

At 10:36 PM, Blogger cjk said...

The arabs will not be satisfied until Israel is completely destroyed - COMPLETELY. The islamic idea of a just and righteous peace is the extermination of the Jews. This is all mental masterbation. Does any sane man among us doubt what the arabs would do if the situation were reversed? Try as one may to be civilized, history clearly shows what the final struggle amounts to when dealing with genocidal, bloodthirsty, deceptive, evil, zealots. Israel is justified in whatever means it uses to defend itself against these unreasonable 'people'. Stupid Israel just sits there waiting as it's evil enemies teach their children to torture Jews, and arms themselves with that in mind.

At 6:48 AM, Blogger Wabano said...


I see that you guys give all your palesto-simians a $800 a month

Moving anywhere else is giving up their only sustenance...

I think the solution to YOUR problem would be to send this money OUTSIDE of your border.

They would follow their money willingly...every one does.

And, if the number of displacees is high enough, they would make sure that the money keep coming by
leaving you alone!!!

Since muslims are historically known for being unable to resist killing their neighbors, let those be fellow ay-rabs, not Christians or Jews...


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