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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

A split in Hamas?

Al-Arabiya reports that the leadership of Hamas in Shchem (Nablus) has called for the return of the situation in Gaza to the way it was before 'July 14,' 2007, i.e. the return of Gaza to the control of 'moderate' 'Palestinian' President Mahmoud Abbas Abu Mazen's 'good terrorists' from Fatah. (By the way, that date is wrong - it should have been June 14).

Restoring things to the way they were would mean reinstating the Fatah - Hamas 'unity government,' which could - but probably wouldn't - show the world that there is no difference between the 'good terrorists' and the 'bad terrorists.' But I don't believe that's going to happen anyway. If you note, at the beginning of the video, they say that Fatah released 'hundreds' of Hamas terrorists from prison earlier in the day (this actually took place a week ago, but I have seen very little discussion of it on the web, so I decided to post it). The 'statement' was nothing but a quid pro quo, and we all know that Muslims believe that they are allowed to lie to infidels (and yes, Hamas would consider Fatah infidels). That's why this statement has not made a lot of waves, and can be ignored.


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