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Saturday, February 09, 2008

'Palestinians' threaten more border breaches

The 'Palestinians' of Hamas are threatening to breach their borders with Israel and Jordan to break the 'siege' being imposed on them. What siege you might ask? If they're not talking about Gaza, I don't think there is a siege. After all, the 'Palestinians' in Judea and Samaria are free to travel within Judea and Samaria, a much larger area than Gaza. So I guess they just want the right to come into Israel and blow themselves up. But I'm glad to see they're threatening Jordan as well. At least they're recognizing the source of their misery. Of course, if they keep being so smart, the Arab countries might stop supporting them....
In an interview with Qatari newspaper Ayam, Marzouk said that Hamas would carry out suicide bombings "as required," and insisted that Israel could not break the spirit of the Palestinian people.

When asked if the Palestinians were likely to mass on the Israeli and Jordanian borders, Marzouk responded, "I believe that all possibilities and options are open," adding that if left with no choice, the Palestinian people would be prepared to carry out actions like breaching the borders.

Hamas's deputy leader went on to say that as far as he is concerned, by such actions, Palestinians would rid themselves of the siege imposed on them by Israel.
There's only one problem: To get to Jordan, they may have to take up swimming.


At 3:32 AM, Blogger NormanF said...

The Palestinians can't even agree among themselves who should run their reichlet or how they would make it economically viable. But they spare no shortage of time thinking up ways to discomfit their neighbors.

Just give them a reichlet and they won't blow any more holes in the border fencing.


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