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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Multi-Culti Monopoly 'World Edition' won't teach your kids geography

Yesterday, I told you all that Hasbro was in the process of appeasing the 'Palestinians' and their supporters from the 'religion of peace' by removing the country names from its city ballot for 68 cities in 37 languages. Hasbro is saying that they never intended to include country names in the final game - only in the ballots. And the JPost discloses this morning that it was a 'mid-level employee' who was responsible for appeasing the 'Palestinians.' I hope he was at least fired.
From Tuesday until Wednesday afternoon, Jerusalem was the only city to be listed without a location. Unlike Paris, France; Montreal, Canada; and Riga, Latvia; Jerusalem stood on its own as a city with no homeland.

However, following complaints, all country names were removed from the list on Wednesday.

The Israeli Consulate expressed satisfaction with Hasbro's decision to remove all country references, and even took credit for the change.

When Israel was the only country name missing from the list, Assaf Shariv, the consul-general in New York, had said his office was working with Hasbro to return Israel to the Monopoly running. "We are weighing all options available to us, including legal action," he said. [That sounds like a waste of time. CiJ]

According to a Hasbro Company spokesman Wayne Charness, Israel was removed from the list by a mid-level employee following a slew of e-mails from angry Palestinians, when no one in upper management was there to handle the situation. [On a Tuesday? Did he remove it in the middle of the night? How could it be that "no one in upper management was there to handle the situation? And why suddenly now - six weeks into the contest? Was the mid-level employee a Muslim by some chance? CiJ].

"As I understand it, that mid-level employee made a regrettable decision without talking to anybody before it," Charness said. [If that was the case, it could have been 'unmade' in a matter of minutes without having to delete country names for 68 countries in 37 languages. CiJ]

In a statement released on Tuesday afternoon, Hasbro said its Parker Brothers subsidiary had never intended to print any country names on the final boards, and that all on-line tags were used as "geographic reference" points.

"We would never want to enter into any political debate," the statement said. "We apologize for any upset this has caused our Monopoly fans and hope that they continue to support their favorite cities."
But since the world is one big happy multi culti place, we don't need to have countries anymore anyway, right?


At 8:04 PM, Blogger Dovi said...

What I find interesting is that there were at one stage other contested cities listed which retained their prospective countries while Israel had been removed. Montreal for instance was listed under Canada, while Quebec nationalists lay claim to the city. Hong Kong, which only recently saw large anti-Chinese rule demonstrations, was listed under China. I was upset Hasbro decided to remove all the countries. They should have just left Jerusalem, Israel; after all, as Churchill said, “Jerusalem belongs to the Jews - they were the ones who made it famous.” Jerusalem is also the only city in the world which has had a Jewish majority for the past 150 years. In reality Israel administers the whole city, so I don’t in fact see what the problem was!


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