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Monday, February 18, 2008

Kassam range extended

The 'Palestinians' fired a Kassam rocket twelve kilometers last night, the longest they have shot one yet. The Kassam landed in an empty field and caused no damage.
The rocket's precise point of explosion has not been found yet, but it was reported to be within Merchavim's jurisdiction. The Merchavim area is described as a quiet agricultural region, which has enjoyed the quiet life for decades.

The adjoining Eshkol Regional Council, which borders directly on Gaza, experiences rocket and mortar fire daily. The Eshkol Council Head, Chaim Yelin, said Monday that the attack on Merchavim was no fluke, but rather "a Palestinian signal that continued pressure on them will lead to an enlargement of their range of fire."

In October 2007, enemy terrorists in Gaza fired a rocket into Netivot, which neighbors Merchavim and is located 11 km. from Gaza.

The rocket turned out to be a Russian "Grad" Katyusha rocket - more powerful and of longer range than the Gaza-manufactured Kassams. It caused no injuries or damage, but IDF sources expressed concern at the time, saying the firing of a Grad rocket was an "unusual" occurrence.

Katyushas had been fired into southern Israel twice before. Such rockets have about double the range and payload of a Kassam rocket, which Gaza terrorists have fired thousands of times into nearby Sderot over the past six years. Sderot, further north, is less than one kilometer from Gaza.
I'm sure an 'international force' will put a stop to this.



At 8:09 PM, Blogger NormanF said...

Carl - when Jews start dying in Tel Aviv, the Israeli government will finally act. The Ashkenazis may look down on the Mizrahi Jews in the towns to Tel Aviv's south, which could very well be in another country as far they are concerned but they won't take Kassam damage to their property values lying down.

Until then - the Israeli government will keep on doing what it does best - do nothing.


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