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Monday, February 04, 2008

Fireworks in Jerusalem

Wednesday night begins the Jewish month of Adar (actually there are two months of Adar this year) and an unfortunate 'tradition' has already renewed itself: the use of firecrackers (and worse) by children. Already for the past several days, we've had small explosions in our neighborhood in the before school hours of the morning and more in the afternoon and evening. These tend to increase, culminating in a multi-day around-the-clock cacophony centering around the Purim festival.

Aside from the obvious dangers - each year Israeli children are injured while using or being near others who are using these unregulated explosives - there's also an implication for our war on terror. Most of the explosives come from the 'Palestinians' which means that the proceeds are being used to finance terror (no, they're not going to help the 'Palestinian' economy - the people with the wherewithal for making explosives are terrorists).

So please, if you are an Israeli, keep an eye on your children and try to keep them from playing with these small explosives.



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