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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The death of Nahoul the Bee

MEMRI has posted a more complete clip of the 'Tomorrow's Children' episodes in which Nahoul the Bee dies and is replaced by Assud the Rabbit. Elder of Ziyon converted it to YouTube format, which is easier to use than MEMRI's format. Here's the clip:

Note the reference to the key - that's 'Palestinian' code for the 'right of return.'

What I've been waiting for since yesterday is for Palestinian Media Watch to put their death of Nahoul clip up in English - unfortunately that has not happened. So I'm going to post the Hebrew one. The segment it adds is at the end and it features the host, Saraa Barhoum, telling everyone how Nahoul is a 'martyr' and that this is his 'wedding day.'

Just remember: This is how they are 'educating' their children. The odds of undoing these kinds of impressions made on children are quite low.


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