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Friday, February 29, 2008

The danger to Obama: What happens to apostates in Islam

I've spent a lot of time on this blog discussing the dangers arising from the possible election of Barack (don't mention his middle name is Hussein) Obama as President of the United States. Now I'd like to shift directions and discuss the danger to Obama.

As you might expect from a candidate who is apparently a strong supporter of the 'Palestinians,' Obama is garnering substantial support in the Arab world. Aussie Dave has an interview with a 23-year old Ibrahim Abu Jayyab, a Gaza resident who supports Obama.

He thinks that if Obama becomes the US President he will help the Palestinians to achieve their dreams.

“We can not achieve our dreams because of the Israeli occupation, the world did not help us to end the Israeli occupation,” he said “we hope Obama will achieve what the world could not, to help us to live in peace and to achieve our dreams.”

Abu Jayyab believes that as Obama from an Islamic origin and from those who oppressed a long the history, he thinks that he will absorb the suffer of the Palestinians and will not hesitate to help them.

Note how it's not just that Abu Jayyab believes that Obama will help the 'Palestinians' to achieve their 'dreams' (of wiping Israel off the map), but that he is "from Islamic origin." According to Amil Imani, it is precisely Obama's Islamic origin that places him in danger:
Okay Obama, don’t claim that no one warned you. If you get elected President and you receive an invitation from your fellow Muslim brother Ahmadinejad to make good on your promise and visit him in Tehran for a tête-à-tête, don’t you do it. BBC’s recent report ought to be enough for you to recant your foolish and naïve promise:

“The European Union has criticized the new penal code being drafted in Iran, particularly a section that imposes the death penalty for giving up Islam...Death for apostasy already exists in Iran under Sharia or “Islamic - law.” But the changes would for the first time bring the punishment into the criminal code. An EU statement expressed deep concern about what it calls the ongoing deterioration in the human rights situation in Iran. It singled out Section Five of the draft penal code currently before the Iranian parliament, imposing the death penalty for apostasy. In the past, Iranian courts have handed down the death penalty in such cases, but have done so relying on Sharia law. If the draft is approved by parliament, the sentence will be formalized in the country's criminal code.”

Who is an apostate according to the legislation? Anyone in the world, not just Iranians, born to a Muslim parent; also, any convert to Islam who leaves it. Only one parent needs to be a Muslim at the time of conception for Islam to own that child for life. Islam is Ummehist. Islam doesn’t recognize nationalities and national boundaries. And these Islamist zealots are very serious and have no sense of humor. Some say they have no sense at all, and they may be right. What they certainly have is a thirst for blood, particularly for the blood of infidels and apostates.
Now some of you may look at Imani's article and think he's exaggerating and that Obama - living in the United States - could never be threatened. Consider the case of "Adam" in the video below (Hat Tip: NY Nana).


Eliyahu P. points me to this post from Jihad Watch which discusses Obama's 'apostasy' (I'm adding a bit more than Eliyahu put in the comments because I think that Robert Spencer's analysis - written a little over a year ago - is spot on):
So is Obama under a death sentence? Probably not. As far as I know Obama has never explained when he left Islam and became a Christian. This is a crucial point, for according to Islamic law an apostate male is not to be put to death if he has not reached puberty (cf. 'Umdat al-Salik o8.2; Hidayah vol. II p. 246). Some, however, hold that he should be imprisoned until he is of age and then "invited" to accept Islam, but officially the death penalty for youthful apostates is ruled out.

There are several ways this could go with Obama. Fjordman writes, "This is a golden opportunity for American anti-Jihadis to expose the intolerance inherent to Islamic teachings. And it is even better that it is a man from the black community and the political Left, where Muslims find many of their sympathizers."

That is true -- it is an opportunity to call attention to this aspect of Islam that so many are so eager to cover up. However, I think that Obama's candidacy and religious history are more likely to work to the advantage of the Left and the jihadists, even if he flames out a la Howard Dean in 2004. For if the Islamic death penalty for apostasy is even allowed to come up in the mainstream media, smiling Islamic spokesmen will deny that Islam teaches this. They can even be honest and simply affirm that it doesn't apply to Obama at all, since he left Islam while still very young.

I believe it is most likely that the media and Obama's campaign will ignore the apostasy law altogether, and tar anyone who brings it up as a "bigot." The propagandists of CAIR, MPAC et al are quite savvy at portraying themselves as victims in response to presentations of uncomfortable aspects of Islam. And it is virtually inconceivable that there will be protests in the Islamic world over his apostasy, calls for his execution, etc. Remember that the Cartoon Rage and Pope Rage riots were orchestrated from above. The people who orchestrated them know enough not to shoot themselves in the foot. They (as well as Obama's campaign) have a chance here to portray Obama as someone who was raised as a Muslim and thus has a keen understanding of the Islamic world and the Islamic mind -- rather like the positioning of Bill Clinton as our "first black President." Given Obama's politics, it will not be hard to present him internationally as someone who understands Islam and Muslims, and thus will be able to smooth over the hostility between the Islamic world and the West. Muslim leaders worldwide will not be saying, "He was raised a Muslim. Isn't that terrible?" Rather, I suspect that both Obama's campaign and Muslim leaders worldwide will say, "He was raised a Muslim. Isn't that wonderful? At last, someone who can see our point of view."

In short, I will not be surprised if Obama's Muslim upbringing becomes the linchpin of an attempt to present him as the only candidate who can end the war on terror -- which, of course, he will propose to do by means of various varieties of appeasement.
Just like the left is tarring anyone who mentions Obama's middle name as a 'bigot.'


At 2:47 AM, Blogger Lois Koenig said...

Thanks for the hat tip, Carl.

That just made me want to scream...his mother????

I wonder if he will ever be safe. Life in a wheelchair does not give him anonymity when he is out and about. Canada now has too many cult of islam members living there.

No one ever leaves the 'religion of peace' unless they are in pieces, sadly.

At 4:43 AM, Blogger NormanF said...

If he was raised a Muslim and abjured it for Christianity, I wouldn't advise Obama to travel overseas as President. The Islamofascists have no sense of humor and once you become a Muslim, its the equivalent of joining the Mafia. There's only one way to rescind one's membership.

At 10:05 AM, Blogger Eliyahu in Shilo said...


Robert Spenser at Jihad Watch writes...

"So is Obama under a death sentence? Probably not. As far as I know Obama has never explained when he left Islam and became a Christian. This is a crucial point, for according to Islamic law an apostate male is not to be put to death if he has not reached puberty (cf. 'Umdat al-Salik o8.2; Hidayah vol. II p. 246). Some, however, hold that he should be imprisoned until he is of age and then "invited" to accept Islam, but officially the death penalty for youthful apostates is ruled out.|

At 5:38 PM, Blogger NormanF said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

At 5:40 PM, Blogger NormanF said...

I would have to say the theological fine points don't matter too much to Islamist fanatics. The conversion alone is enough to make him "persona non grata" in the Islamic world unless he recants it. Islam sees itself as the final religion and while it deals harshly with those who adopt one of the earlier religions, the Bahais are of course anathema since they supersede Islam, a problem for a religion that views no new religions arising upon the earth after the age of Mohammed.

At 9:36 PM, Blogger Zagel said...

am abu jayyab
I read what he said above and wanna only say that what he said was not true bcz I have not met or made any intervew with any one and what he said is only from his maind

I support every one wanna peace not bcz he is muslim as u wanna say

At 1:35 AM, Blogger Unknown said...

Over on the Sunni website Islamonline a couple days ago they were reporting that Obama was the candidate of choice for Muslims because he seemed most sympathetic to his concerns.

But my concern for his safety after an Obama win would not be geospecific, that even if he didn't travel abroad, individuals trained or not trained but just brainwashed by takfiri extremist groups could decide to target him and use his perceived departure from Islam as a pretext. Just because they have a "base" in Afghanistan/Pakistan doesn't mean at all, particularly in this technological age, that their members won't strike anywhere. Obama's a walking target.


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