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Friday, February 29, 2008

And now for something completely different

I got this beautiful video from NY Nana so I just had to post it. This is the "what's left of overnight" thread.
This video is a mix of the Yerushalayim song off the upcoming album and the side story of an American boy visiting Israel with his zeide. The grandson in the video is the "popular" Cantor Simcha Levinstein who sings in the choir. Another farmiliar voice on the album is that of Shimon Bell (Sheves Achim) who just released a album with his brother. The song is composed by Shneur Steinberg who also composed "Lemaranan" on the first album.

The album is called Arayvim Zeh L'zeh. Composed for the most part by Nachman Seltzer. There is a song by Shaya Cohn, who wrote the lyrics for Nisht Oif Shabbos Geret for Lipa, and and another song by Elimelech Blumstien, who is a major up and coming composer. Arrangements by Leib Yaacov Rigler and Jeff Hurvitch. 11 new songs and one surprise medley. Featuring Soloists; Moshe Bell from Sheves Achim-Agil and Simcha Levinstein- the Mini Helfgot, who just released his debut chazonus album.


At 6:10 AM, Blogger Lois Koenig said...


The video is beautiful. I am glad that you liked it.

The boy with his Zeide touched me so much, and the interspersing of the singing and sites in Jerusalem were perfect...the Kotel?


I have played it a few more times.

At 1:49 PM, Blogger Nannette said...

Thanks for the video Nana, it really brought tears to my eyes... it's just so beautiful...


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