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Friday, February 29, 2008

Al Jarida: Israel foiled attack on Dimona nuke plant

A new Kuwaiti newspaper named al-Jarida is reporting today based on British sources that Israel foiled an attack on its alleged Dimona nuclear plant. Israel has denied the report.
According to the paper, Al Jarida, Israeli security forces arrested a senior employee at the plant after they uncovered a plot to blow up one of the ovens at the facility.

According to the British sources, the worker, who was only identified as Moshe, is also suspected of leaking information about the reactor to foreign sources.

Moshe's family, who had no idea about his arrest, reportedly believed that he was on a secret training exercise abroad.

The sources claimed that the suspect would soon be served an indictment in an Israeli court, adding that the case was even more severe than that of nuclear whistleblower Mordehai Vanunu.

A security official denied the report, telling Israel Radio that it was "totally unfounded.


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