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Friday, February 29, 2008

Al-Beeb video on Haniyeh 'apartment complex'

This is an al-Beeb video on the 'destruction of an apartment complex' in Gaza. Note that the fact that the apartment bloc was hit because it included Ismail Haniyeh's 'office' is never mentioned.

But what really got to me - and what shows al-Beeb's blatant anti-Israel bias - is the following (emphasis added by me):
The Israeli air attacks have prompted retaliation, most of it aimed at the town of Sderot, but Hamas is now able to target nearby Ashkelon too. The rocket squads are using Soviet Katyusha missiles with a longer range than locally-improvised weapons.
When you read what I've highlighted, it makes it sound like Israel is the aggressor and that the 'Palestinians' are only retaliating. We all know that's nonsense. Anyway, here's the videotape.


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