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Thursday, January 10, 2008

What George should tell Mahmoud

Welcome Memeorandum readers!

US President George W. Bush is meeting with opposition leader Binyamin Netanyahu this morning - apparently at Bush's request - and then he will proceed to Ramallah via the Ramallah bypass road (which means that he will pass at least one Jewish town in Samaria - Adam - on the way) where he will meet with 'moderate' 'Palestinian' President Mahmoud Abbas Abu Mazen and suit-and-tie-clad 'Palestinian' Prime Minister Salam Fayad in the Mukhata. (For the record, Bush's route was not publicized, but the traffic reports here this morning make it obvious to anyone who knows the area how Bush is traveling).

Security for the meeting is even tighter than one would expect as there is a real fear that 'Palestinian' terrorists will attempt to assassinate the President. Bush is apparently being protected by the al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades, but there are also American snipers on the roofs of each building. In fact, Israel Radio reported this morning that everything for today's meeting at the Mukhata down to the conference table is being provided by the Americans out of fear of security issues. That has to make you wonder yet again why Bush is going there in the first place.

Just to give you an idea of how leftist the news coverage is here, Israel Radio's reporter in Ramallah mentioned in a segment broadcast just before 9:00 AM that Bush would not be visiting Arafat's mausoleum and that is a 'sensitive issue' for the 'Palestinians.' The news anchor asked why Bush would not visit the mausoleum. It did not sound like a rhetorical question....

Today's JPost has a summary of what Abu Mazen is going to tell Bush. What's left unsaid, and what I am going to take a shot at after I show you what Abu Mazen is going to say, is what Bush is going to tell Abu Mazen.
Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas will ask US President George W. Bush during their meeting in Ramallah Thursday to "order" Israel to halt construction in all settlements, including in east Jerusalem's Jewish neighborhoods, PA officials said Wednesday.

"Bush can and must order Israel to halt the construction in all settlements," said one official. "Otherwise, efforts to bring about peace will never succeed. The settlements are the biggest obstacle to peace. We see no difference between a settlement in the West Bank and a Jewish settlement in Jerusalem."


Abbas is also expected to tell Bush that the PA can't stop the rocket attacks on Israel because its forces are no longer in control of the Gaza Strip, a top Abbas aide said. "We will remind President Bush that we are only in control of the West Bank," he said. "We don't have any security presence in the Gaza Strip."
Here's how I think Bush should respond:

"Mahmoud, let's leave the 'settlements' aside because I spoke to Olmert and he knows he has to deal with them. Let's leave Gaza aside for the moment too. Let's talk about the 'West Bank.'

"Mahmoud, as you may recall, the 'road map' calls for you to disband the terrorist organizations in the first phase, just like it calls for the Israelis to stop building 'settlements.' We can argue until the moon turns blue over who is supposed to go first. The Israelis think it's you and you think it's them. But the bottom line is that it has to be done. While we may have decided to talk about the third phase of the road map to give you a political horizon, the third phase will never happen unless and until the first and second phases happen. I want to explain to you what disbanding terrorist organizations means - or more correctly, what it does not mean.

"Taking all the terrorists, issuing official weapons to them and making them part of the 'Palestinian police' does not constitute disbanding terrorist organizations. All it does is to create more terrorists operating in the name of and under the aegis of the 'Palestinian Authority.' When I sat with Netanyahu this morning - and let's be realistic: the odds are that Netanyahu will be Prime Minister again sometime in the next three years unless you and Olmert implement an agreement with which the average Israeli is happy - all he said to me was "Ahikam Amihai, Yehuda Rubin and Ido Zoldan" and how the only way to deal with the 'Palestinians' is not to give them anything unless and until they fulfill their obligations. I have no answer for him. He's been proven correct. When he was Prime Minister and gave your 'people' nothing from 1996-99, Israel was quiet and the country had fewer terror victims annually than it had in either the 1993-96 or 1999-2007 periods. Fortunately for you, the Israelis don't know how to leave well enough alone.

"I've promised you a lot of money and so have the other nations of the Western World. But I'm not going to let you place me in a position where I am financing terror being carried out in the name of or under the aegis of the 'Palestinian Authority.' Either you put the terrorists behind lock and key where they belong - even if that means a civil war among the 'Palestinian people' - or I'm not going to keep throwing good money after bad trying to prop you up. I leave office in 376 days. If you want me to do something for you before I leave office, you'd better get a move on it now, while the American people are too busy with Presidential elections to look at what's going on in this region too closely.

"Once you've cleaned up the 'West Bank' we can talk about me persuading - not ordering - Olmert to do something about the 'settlements' and about how you're - or more likely Israel - is going to deal with Gaza. My phone number is 1-202-456-1414. I'll be waiting for your call to tell me that all of the terrorists are disarmed and under lock and key with doors that don't revolve.

"Good bye Mahmoud."

Will Bush say all that? Not likely, although he might say some of it. Will Abu Mazen clean up the terrorists from the 'West Bank' Judea and Samaria? Hell will freeze over first.


At 2:12 PM, Blogger NormanF said...

Nothing is going to happen because if Abbas and Fayad fulfilled their obligations, they would be dead. On the Palestinian street Carl - they are calling openly for Bush's assassination. The people who want to murder him are the people for whom he wants to set up a reichlet. The American's President's policy makes no sense whatsoever. Pamela Geller has some details on her blog about that today.


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