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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Sniper fire on Israeli television crew (video)

On January 15, a volunteer from Ecuador who was working at Kibbutz Ein Hashlosha near the Gaza 'security fence' was murdered by 'Palestinian' sniper fire. That story received substantial exposure in the media. What was not told - although it appeared on television here - is that an Israeli news crew was pinned down by sniper fire just after the volunteer was murdered. Here's the video (Hat Tip: Israel at Level Ground)

Israel at Level Ground comments:
Were this to have been a foreign news crew - or any news team for that matter - other than Israelis it would have made headlines worldwide, as similar stories have been reported in the past.

Hmmm. Odd, that. Can't quite figure out why. Journo and editor colleagues - any ideas why the underportage here? Could it be because they're Je-... nahhhh. Couldn't be, right?

I don't know the individuals in that crew, but I can imagine that they aren't making a lot out of it because of professional pride. But who knows what's being said at morning editorial meetings, and around the bar after hours.


It is a damning indictment of the international media based in the area, and Israel provincialism not to scream to the high heavens over this, and demand Reporters Without Borders intervene, or at least issue a statement denouncing the attack - pallid and neutered as it may well be.
I can think of another explanation: That most of the Israeli media is so leftist that they're afraid that if they actually publicize this incident, it will damage the 'peace process.' So we bloggers have to publicize it 'for them' instead.


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