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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Shakir Yusef Al-Abbsi is alive and well

Shakir Yusef Al-Abbsi, the leader of the Fatah al-Islam terror group in the Nahr al-Bard 'refugee camp' in Lebanon, who has been presumed dead for months, issued an audiotape yesterday indicating that he is alive and well, and threatening Lebanese General Michel Suleiman - who may soon be President of Lebanon - among others.
Al-Abbsi warned that the three-month-long armed clash between Fatah Al-Islam and the Lebanese military that ended in September 2007 was “only the beginning.” In the lengthy recording, he further threatened to track down and kill the Lebanese army commander, General Michel Suleiman, whom he said was responsible for the utter destruction unleashed by the military on the Nahr Al-Bard refugee camp in northern Lebanon.

Suleiman gained great notoriety among the Lebanese populace following his success against Fatah Al-Islam, leading to his nomination for the post of president. Referring to the popular leader, Al-Abbsi said, "I think victory, as far as you are concerned, is to please Bush and the Jews. Is he not the god you worship?"

Nahr Al-Bard, administered by UNRWA, was the base camp for the Fatah Al-Islam terrorists. Lebanese officials accused them of carrying out a violent Islamist campaign in Lebanon and sent in artillery cannons, which flattened much of the camp and drove most residents to flee. Fatah Al-Islam gunmen held held out for some time waged a bitter battle that included bombings in uninvolved Lebanese towns. Nearly 400 people were killed in the military campaign, including over 200 Fatah Al-Islam fighters and 168 Lebanese soldiers.
But give the 'Palestinians' a state reichlet and they'll stop producing people like this guy.

/wishful thinking


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