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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

The President's blog

White House press secretary Dana Perino has set up a blog to jot down notes of President Bush's trip to our region. You can find it here. Here is some of yesterday's entry before they boarded the plane to come here. It's not pretty:

In November 2007, he hosted Prime Minister Ehud Olmert of Israel, President Mahmoud Abbas of the Palestinian Authority, and other international leaders at the Annapolis Conference which laid the foundation for the establishment of a new Palestinian state that will live side by side with Israel in peace and security.

The President believes that the Israeli and Palestinian people now have a critical opportunity to agree upon a vision that will lead to a safer and more secure Middle East. He will help the two leaders focus on the big picture and encourage them in their efforts.

During his tour of the Region, he will:

  • Encourage the Israelis and the Palestinians to develop a vision of a Palestinian state
  • Build international support for the peace process
  • Reaffirm our commitment to regional security in the Middle East

His trip will include:

January 9th:
Meetings with the President and Prime Minister of Israel
January 10th:
Meetings with the President and Prime Minister of the Palestinian Authority
January 11th:
Visit to Yad Vashem
Travel to Kuwait
Isn't that just great? The United States' number one foreign policy goal here is establishing a terrorist reichlet!

It's a shame they didn't substitute a trip to Sderot for Yad Vashem. When you take foreign dignitaries to Yad Vashem, it's because they need to be shown what can happen God forbid if there is no place for Jews to go. I don't think Bush needs that. I think he - and Israel - would have gotten a lot more out of a trip to Sderot. Of course, that would have to be done on Thursday and not on Friday morning and that would have meant skipping Ramallah (which would have been a good idea anyway).


At 1:38 PM, Blogger NormanF said...

Carl - the emphasis on the Holocaust shows how much Israel's leaders are living in past. Israel's Jews are very much in danger because of THEIR policies. Of course, that would draw unfavorable attention to their role as formulators and implementers of anti-Jewish policies and Heaven knows that would remind people how much the past is present in Israel today.

So its easier to play up victimhood and play up the Shetl Jew trembling in fear of the Gentile than act like proud people in an independent country who can and should say NO to an American President.

Bush - and given Rice's interview in the "Jerusalem Post" yesterday - are not coming to highlight America's friendship with Israel. Just the opposite.

The problem is neither Ishmael nor Esau. The problem is Israel's weak, vacillating, and corrupt leaders who have let the country down a dead end that could G-d forbid - mark its destruction. One should know the Palestinians have not given an inch. Israel in contrast, has given everything and that is where she is today - where both Hamas and Hizbollah fire rockets on Israel without response and Israel was supposed the answer to Jewish timidity and powerlessness during the Holocaust.

All one can say is that in their own state - the Jews have reverted back to type.


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