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Friday, January 25, 2008

Pallywood on a Gaza beach

Some of you may recall the incident in June 2006 in which seven members of a family were killed in an explosion on a Gaza beach. The 11-year old daughter became an 'icon' as she ran up and down the beach from one family member to the next.

At the time, the 'Palestinians' and the 'human rights' organizations claimed that the explosion was caused by an Israeli shell - first from a gunboat off the Gaza coast and then when that was disproven, from a tank a couple of miles away. In this video, Richard Landes of the Second Draft (and the Augean Stables) suggests that the explosion was actually caused by mines hidden under the beach to stop Israeli commandos from landing offshore. (Hat Tip: IMRA)

Watch the video.

For more background on this incident - which took place two weeks before the kidnapping of Gilad Shalit and the war in Gaza (later overshadowed by the war in Lebanon) - go here and here. Also here.


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