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Thursday, January 17, 2008

$7.4$7.7 billion for Hamas?

Remember the $7.4 billion in aid money that was raised for the 'Palestinian Authority' in December? At the time, Khaled Abu Toameh wrote in the Jerusalem Post:
This money is mainly designed to keep Fatah in power and prevent Hamas from taking over the West Bank. And unless the PA changes its rhetoric and starts promoting real peace and coexistence with Israel, the millions of dollars are not going to create a new generation of moderate Palestinians.
An 'audit' has been done of the money raised in December and they're now pleased to announce that they raised $7.7 billion - way more than the $5.6 billion they requested. And today a PA minister announced what the 'Palestinian Authority is planning to do with that money: About 40% of it is going to be spent in Hamas-controlled Gaza.
The Palestinian Authority intends to spend 40 percent of recently-pledged international aid in the Hamas-controlled Gaza Stip, a PA minister said Thursday.

Donors met in Paris last month as part of a U.S.-led campaign to restart peace talks between Abbas and Prime Minister Ehud Olmert. Those talks got under way this week despite public skepticism about the chances of a deal.

According to Samir Abdallah, who serves as planning and labor minister in Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas' government, international donors have pledged $7.7 billion in aid to the Palestinians over the next three years, more than initially reported.

Officials at the conference initially estimated that pledges totaled $7.4 billion but a subsequent audit showed another $300 million was pledged, Abdallah said.
That'll convince 'em that terror doesn't pay.


At 7:13 PM, Blogger NormanF said...

None of that money is going to make the PA moderate - in fact just the opposite.

The one thing both Fatah and Hamas agree is on is Israel is the enemy. They may disagree on who should hold the reins of power in the nascent reichlet but they are both in agreement on the need for Israel to disappear from the Middle East.

Saeb Erekat has said that as long as Israel continues to defend itself from Arab terror, there will be no talks. That's the "moderate" PA's idea of peaceful co-existence with Israel.

Which means throwing $7 billion at Abbas or the corrupt regime he heads is not going to transform him into a man of peace or get the Palestinians to accept Israel as a Jewish State.


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