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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Why Israel isn't winning is losing its war on terror

Edward Bernard Glick hits the nail on the head in describing why Israel isn't winning - and therefore is losing - its war on terror:
The reason, in their view and in mine, is Israel's fear of inflicting civilian casualties, or collateral damage in modern jargon.

As Prof. Fouad Ajami of The Johns Hopkins University has observed, the terrorist "always works with the winks and nods of the society that gives him cover." So if the jewish state does not conquer its fears and inflict more, not less, collateral damage in the places from which the terror against it emanates, ti will die.

Those who wish and work for Israel's destruction do not shrink from killing innocent civilians. So they are unimpressed by Israel's failed policy of limiting and apologizing for such casualties, and then begging for forgiveness from a world that masks its politically-incorect anti-Semitism with politically-correct anti-Ziomism.

Israel's foes would be more impressed if it followed the dictum of its late Chief of Staff, Lieutenant General David Elazar. After a commando raid in Beirut in 1973, during which a seventy-year-old Italian woman was killed, General Elazar expressed his regret but added: "Israel won't play by the rules of partial war; wars are not won with a strong defense."

Israel's enemies remember, even if Israel's leaders do not, that Germany, Italy, and Japan surrendered in 1945 only because Allied might overwhelmed them and made them lose their will to fight and to be lead by political and military losers.

Israel's enemies remember, even if Israel's political and military leaders do not, that the Axis Powers were defeated only because the Allied Powers applied slow, sustained, and superior force over a number of very bloody years. And Israel's enemies remember, even if Israel's political and military leaders do not, that avoiding enemy civilian casualties was never a serious issue for America's Franklin Roosevelt, Russia's Joseph Stalin, or Britain's Winston Churchill.

Israel must also stop going berserk whenever one of its soldiers or civilians is captured. This happens in war. It must cease releasing hundreds or thousands of enemy combatants in exchange for one or two of its citizens.


The Israelis must stop fretting about world opinion. The only opinion that matters, and only to the point where it does not threaten Israel's existence, is that of Diaspora Jewry and U.S. opinion. During the 2006 Lebanon war, Americans from President George W. Bush down to the proverbial man and woman in the street hoped and prayed that the Israelis would be much more audacious and victorious than they were.

To survive, Israel will have to fight by the rules of its neighborhood. The first rule is "Never let the fear of casualties trump your military judgment." And the second rule is "If you don't win in this neighborhood, you lose, and you deserve to."
I've written some stuff like that too.


At 5:27 AM, Blogger jack said...

and the real reason,why they are losing this war on terror,is a very simple one,it is because this criminaly insane TRAITOROUS,incompotent,pathetic fool,who pretends to be israels,prime minister,is actually a TRAITOR who is working day and night for the palestinian because,how else could you explain the fact,that for almost two years a major israeli town 'sderot'is being bombarded day and night by missles,her citizens have to sleep nightly in bunkers,kindergartens and school have to be conducted in bunkers,and this gangster,this criminal does not let the idf put a stop to it,but instead,this swine
releases another 400 murderous terrorist swines,and on top of that
sends the p.l.o 30 military half tracks,with 20,000 assault rifles
with 1 million bullets,
just hope to god,that this monster's cancer spreads very quickly,and he dies a painfull death,before he has a chance to destroy israel completely



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