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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

UN General Assembly condemns human rights abuse in Iran

This is definitely a flying pigs moment.

By The Associated Press
UNITED NATIONS - The UN General Assembly approved a Canadian draft resolution Tuesday expressing "deep concern" at alleged systematic human rights violations in Iran, including torture, flogging, amputations, stoning and public executions.

The 192-member world body adopted the resolution by a vote of 73-53 with 55 abstentions.

The resolution is not legally binding but carries moral weight and reflects the majority view of world opinion.

The resolution was introduced by Canada and backed by the United States and other western countries. It was opposed by many countries whose human rights records have been criticized and who object to the General Assembly targeting specific countries, including Cuba, North Korea, Sudan, Syria and Zimbabwe.

The resolution expresses "very serious concern" that despite previous assembly resolutions on human rights in Iran, there have been "confirmed instances" of violations including the use of stoning as a method of execution, "torture and cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment, including flogging and amputations," and multiple public executions.

The resolution calls on the government "to eliminate, in law and practice, all forms of discrimination and other human rights violations" against minorities.

It also calls on Iran to abolish public executions and stoning and "to end the harassment, intimidation and persecution of political opponents and human rights defenders, including by releasing persons imprisoned arbitrarily or on the basis of their political views."
They found their conscience?


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