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Sunday, December 23, 2007


I got this in an email from Gail Winston. She does not disclose who "Rabbi W" is, but I believe that I know who he is and if I am correct, he is someone I actually know well. Many of you who ask me why the Olmert-Barak-Livni junta remains in power should find this article eye-opening.

SELF-HATE by Rabbi "W"

It is certainly difficult for virtually everyone, Jew and non-Jew, Israeli and non-Israeli to understand how Jewish or Israeli "leaders" could do things that are manifestly not in the best interest of the Jewish people and/or the country of Israel.

When those around the world hear that Israeli leaders are willing to make counter-productive concessions on Israel’s security, they figure: "Well, they live there, so they must know what they can afford to lose".

Tragically, the Jewish people have had to contend with a long history filled with a tiny number of Jews who actually wish to harm the Jewish people. Informants, saboteurs, those who advise foreign governments who are waging war against the Jewish people on how to best achieve their objectives.

This phenomena was seen since the times of the ancient Egyptians as well as the Greeks and Romans. During the Spanish Inquisition, Jewish apostates handed over their brethren for torture. The "Yestvestia" - a branch of the Communist party used turn-coat Jews to seek out Jews who were practicing their religion in secret and handed them over to the KGB.

During the Holocaust various Jewish "leaders" acted out their hatred by failing to respond to workable rescue plans. (See the books: "Thy Brothers Blood" published by Art Scroll and Ben Hecht’s "Perfidy" for another example). Minutes of the Jewish Agency at the time show the minimal amount allotted for rescue work - and even that was not spent.

Today, we have the leaders of the political establishment who often volunteer to give more away than the enemy demands. They ignore the advice of the military experts about the dangers of their concessions. People in Israel and outside of Israel are astounded. How can anyone be so dumb?

The unfortunate answer is that these people are not dumb. Some are remarkably intelligent. They simply hate their own people and wish to see them destroyed.

For those who are interested in the psychology of this phenomena - we will offer a brief explanation of a rather complicated mind-set:

A Jew, by definition, has a fundamental relationship with G-d and His commandments. When a Jew tries to throw off the yoke of G-d’s commandments, his or her soul gives them no rest. They know what they are doing is wrong and they become ever more frenzied in their efforts to shake off this feeling of disquiet. The more aggressive amongst them seek to damage or destroy the Jewish people to relive themselves of these feelings. i.e., no Jewish people - ‘ergo’, no guilt.

This is also true for non-Jews. The resent a G-d given moral law as conveyed by the Jews from G-d’s Torah. Those who wish to spread evil and immorality, inevitably attack the Jews.

As a result of this "Self-Hate", we have Jewish "leaders" willing to put Israeli population centers in easy range of terrorist missiles. The fact that these leaders live in these centers, such as Tel Aviv, doesn’t slow them down. In their deranged state of mind while aiming their "gun" to kill off their own souls - they somehow fail to realize that they are effectively shooting themselves in the head.

This Government’s hatred for their own people can also be seen in their need to use cruel economic policies by the government. Do you get the feeling that they want to see just how hard they can make living for the poor, sick and elderly? They have also subverted the education policies, reducing funds to religious schools and students; removing the teaching of Judaism (history and laws) from the curriculum; starving out the teachers by continually undercutting their salaries, etc.

These leaders are not at all representative of most Israelis. Some 75% to 89% of Israelis follow G-d’s Commandments to some degree. Only 6% classify themselves as anti-religious. It seems hard to understand how these anti-Judaism (and anti-G-d) leaders could gain control of the government, especially in light of Israel having free elections.

A small, ruling class is not unknown. In the case of Israel, this "leadership" got their initial support from foreign governments who had their own agenda. With a massive infusion of direct cash, and then control of the government coffers, they were able to direct the profits of the government-held businesses into their own pockets - and then buy the media - all the media. Independent radio stations were declared "illegal" by the Supreme Court - despite the Knesset passing a law allowing for people to have an independent source of news. Arutz Sheva and the religious radio stations were the main targets.

Independent newspapers will not get the advertising they need to remain solvent because the big businesses, which are controlled by 18 family clans, won’t advertise in papers whose editorial and news’ policies they cannot control.

They also maintain a firm, virtually Bolshevik style of control over the Judiciary - so that any challengers soon find themselves under years of "investigation". In the meantime money continues to flow in from foreign governments and NGO’s who would also like to see the Jewish people destroyed (G-d forbid).

Indeed, we must ask G-d to rescue us from all those who would seek to harm us.


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