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Thursday, December 27, 2007

PC'ness runs rampant: Saying 'Mohamed is dead' deemed 'racist'

Israel's Beitar Jerusalem soccer team will be punished by having to play a home game without its fans present because Beitar fans attending a doubleheader in Ramat Gan two weeks ago taunted players from the Arab town of Sakhnin that 'Mohamed is dead.' Sakhnin was playing Bnei Yehuda in the first game of the doubleheader, and Beitar was playing Maccabi Haifa in the second game. Ironically, Beitar's next home game is against Sakhnin.
"We don't accept this punishment and we plan to appeal," Betar spokesperson Oded Zargari told Betar's official Web site on Wednesday.

"We think that there's no reason that our fans, who behave well at Teddy, should be punished. The abuse was shouted at a stadium at which we as a management had no control."

"If the IFA feels that 'Mohammed is dead' is a racist chant than we think that they should also take action against the Sakhnin fans shouting 'Allah Akbar'. We hope the IFA's Supreme Court will overturn this decision."
Someone should take these people to Fenway when A-Rod and the Yankees come to town.


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