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Friday, December 21, 2007

Maintaining Egypt's 'honor': The videos disappear

On Tuesday, I reported that the IDF had sent videos to Congress that show Egyptian troops helping Hamas to smuggle import weapons and ammunition into Gaza. The goal was to convince Congress to slash Egypt's massive foreign aid (third behind Iraq's and Israel's) unless they stop assisting crack down on the smuggling.

Someone at the leftist foreign ministry has decided that would hurt poor Papa Mubarak's feelings. And so, they have prevented those videos from ever making it to the halls of Congress. If any of you has access to any members of the House and Senate Foreign Affairs or Appropriations Committees - especially the subcommittees that deal with the foreign aid budget, please forward this post to them:
Despite efforts by the country's top security echelon to share with Congress videotapes of Egypt assisting Hamas in arms smuggling, the footage has been shown only to some administration officials and never made it to Congress, to avoid infuriating the Egyptians, The Jerusalem Post has learned.

The videotapes included footage of Egyptian border policemen allegedly assisting a group of close to 80 Hamas terrorists crossing illegally into Gaza through a hole they had cut in the border fence.

Defense officials said there was also evidence that the Egyptians were assisting Hamas with smuggling weapons into the Gaza Strip under the Philadelphi Corridor.

The decision to send the tapes to the Israeli Embassy in Washington was made by Israel's top defense echelon to influence the appropriations process in Congress ahead of a decision to withhold part of the foreign aid granted to Egypt.

That the tape was not shown to Congress reflects a desire by Israel's political and diplomatic echelon not to escalate tension with Cairo by becoming directly involved in lobbying against Egypt in Congress.
Read the whole thing. The right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing. And you wonder why we have public relations problems?


At 9:30 AM, Blogger Lois Koenig said...


If I had not been reading Israel Matzav for over a year, at least? I would not know enough, sitting here in a NY suburb to really believe this.

But because of you? I do not doubt it for a nanosecond.

If only a public relations problem was the only problem.

Egypt? And now Congress will never see the proof, and the money will be handed over with smile...to Egypt. And then over to Hamas.


I will send you an email about someone who we know who's Dad might be able to help.


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