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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Israel to build 10,000 more apartments in Jerusalem

This ought to get Condi and her friends going. Israel is going to build another 10,000 apartments for Jews in 'East Jerusalem.' The apartments are to be built - in part - on the site of the abandoned Atarot airport which shut down due to 'Palestinian' shooting at the planes and the terminals in the fall of 2000 in the early days of the Oslo War.
The new neighborhood, in an area near the Kalandia checkpoint and the Separation Wall which includes the area of the abandoned Atarot Airport, will contain more than 10,000 apartments, making it the largest Jewish neighborhood in eastern Jerusalem. The zone is included in regions which were annexed to Israel following the Six Day War, and is part of lands which were owned by Jews before the establishment of the State of Israel. Boim is awaiting permission from the Israel Lands Authority (ILA) for the project. The ILA says it plans on approving a permit.
Suffice it to say that real estate prices in Jerusalem are soaring and the average Israeli cannot afford to buy here (much of the new construction closer in to the city center is being bought up by foreigners).

I may have been wrong when I said that Olmert agreed to freeze building in Jerusalem - something that would be anathema to nearly all Israelis. Or if he agreed to it, he apparently did not intend to keep it. I can't wait until they wake up in Washington.


At 4:38 PM, Blogger Lydia McGrew said...

Carl--historical terminology question here: I saw an article on Jihad Watch yesterday about Rice's and the Quartet's condemnation of Israel for the building in Jerusalem. The news article referred to the building as occuring in "settlements on the West Bank." Now, is this misleading usage new, or have journalists always referred to any parts of Jerusalem captured in 1967 as "the West Bank" and to any Jewish neighborhoods there as "settlements"? Certainly I, who was quite ignorant about all of this stuff until a few years ago, never had been led even by the media to think of _any_ part of Jerusalem as "the West Bank," so this may mark a new low in journalistic deception.

At 7:42 PM, Blogger Carl in Jerusalem said...


The 'Palestinians' always referred to the neighborhoods built in Jerusalem after 1967 as 'settlements' but then they also refer to every place in Israel that way.

The MSM never referred to any part of Jerusalem as being in the 'West Bank.'

At 8:24 PM, Blogger Lydia McGrew said...


Well, they are now. Right in the first paragraph--"...plans to expand Jewish settlements in the West Bank."

Hope the link comes through (it doesn't always on Blogger). If not, it's linked from down the page on Dhimmi Watch. And the Washington Times, too! I think of them as one of the more "conservative" newspapers. Rice uses the phrase "settlement activity," in the quotes in the article, and the article also refers to the neighborhood as "disputed."

So now all of East Jerusalem is "disputed," and the Jewish neighborhoods in particular, and they are "settlements on the West Bank," despite being within the city limits of Israel's capital.

Terminology shifts to watch. You'll be able to say you know just when this one happened.


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