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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

How stupid can Israel's leadership be?

I don't think he lives here, which would explain why he's asking the question. Elder of Ziyon asks how stupid Israel's leadership can be:
It is mind-blowing how the current Israeli leadership has so little faith in the righteousness of its own cause; not only are they in deep personal despair but they have turned this despair into a national policy. How can the leaders of a great state lead when they don't believe in their own cause, in their own people, in their own nation?

Sometimes, there is no solution, and the best you can do is do the best you can do. Creating "solutions" out of exhaustion or despair is not what leaders are supposed to do.

And leading their people into a suicidal "solution" is not leadership.
My dear Elder: You are right. And I hope that my readers will go to your blog and read the whole thing to see the sources of your frustration (maybe you should borrow my "Ehud fled" and "Feigele" links). The problem of lack of faith in the righteousness of our cause is one that permeates the entire political echelon.

But after living here for sixteen years, I have two answers to your question:

1. Very stupid.

2. As stupid as you want/need them to be.

/sad but true


At 9:03 AM, Blogger Elder of Ziyon said...

Thanks for the link.

You are right, I don't live in Israel and I am loathe to criticize it from the outside. But the current government strikes me as the first one so cynically puts the State in danger for purely political reasons. Even Barak in 2000 seemed to act out of (very misguided) conviction, IMHO.

And Livni's name in Arabic autotranslation consistently translates as "exhausted." A perfect word.


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