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Saturday, November 10, 2007

So much for that theory

Yesterday, I reported that the 'Palestinians' had allegedly agreed to fulfill their phase 1 obligations under the road map, an agreement I said was of questionable value. Tonight, it turns out that at least some 'Palestinian' leaders are denying that they have even made the commitment:
Palestinian Authority Information Minister Riad Malki denied late Friday reports circulated by Israeli sources that Palestinian negotiators had agreed in a meeting with Israeli representatives ahead of the planned Annapolis peace parley to disarm and disband all terror groups operating in the PA.

According to Israel Radio, Malki spoke in an interview to the American Arabic-language Radio Sawa.


In response to the reports of progress in the talks, a member of the Palestinian negotiating team who claimed he had attended the said meeting between Qurei and Livni, told Israel radio that the "breakthrough" was being trumpeted for more than it was worth.

"I did not sense that there was any progress in the talks with the Israeli side," the negotiator said. He then laughed and further retorted, "What's new about the principle stating that the implementation of commitments depends upon [the Palestinians] fighting terror? Indeed, it appears in the road map, and we of course agreed to the road map."
Don't hold your breath waiting for any 'Palestinian' terror groups to be disbanded by the 'Palestinians.' It won't happen.


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