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Monday, November 26, 2007

Smash those mugs

Michelle Malkin carries an al-Reuters report that has a 'Palestinian' shopkeeper in the Gaza Strip selling souvenir mugs and urging his patrons to smash them in the event that they don't like the outcome of the lynching in Annapolis.

In a symbol of fragile hopes for this week’s Middle East peace conference at Annapolis, one Palestinian shopkeeper is selling souvenir mugs for the event — complete with instructions to smash them if talks break down.

Under a dove and olive branch motif, the mugs carry the message in English: “Please keep this souvenir, but in case of the conference’s failure; you are only asked to break the mug”.

Tareq Abu Dayya, who runs a gift shop in the Gaza Strip, said he meant the mugs to symbolize hope the conference could lead to a Palestinian state but also his low expectations for success:

“If the conference doesn’t succeed, then the poor citizen can do nothing but break this mug. End of story,” said Abu Dayya, who reported brisk sales of mugs at a hefty $2.50 apiece.

And you thought no one in Gaza had $2.50 to spend.

As Michelle points out, the problem is that when the lynching doesn't reach a consensus, the mugs aren't the only thing likely to be smashed.

Read it all.


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