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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

New website to save Jerusalem

There's a new web site that's been set up to try to save a united Jerusalem. For now, at least, it is all in Hebrew. Earlier today, I received the following email about it from David Goder at One Jerusalem:
During the last six years One Jerusalem has provided a platform for Jews around the world to learn about Jerusalem and to support a united Jerusalem. In recent moths Jerusalem has once again become a political football, despite overwhelming support for a united Jerusalem among the people of Israel and Jews around the world. Israel's government's decision to place the future of Jerusalem on the negotiating table and to suggest a willingness to give up parts of the city is in direct opposition to the will of the people.

To give voice to the will of the Israeli people and to Jerusalem's supporters everywhere we are kicking off a multi media project in the State of Israel. Today, in Jerusalem a press conference showcased the launching of Israel's most advanced web 2.0 community at www.jer1.org , which dedicated to preserving Jerusalem as the undivided capital of the Jewish people.

This site will host Facebook and other social networking communities in support of a united Jerusalem governed by the State of Israel. It will have live broadcasts about life in Jerusalem 24/7. It has an interactive map of Jerusalem that will demonstrate how giving up any part of Jerusalem will create situations that will endanger all parts of the city. There will also be videos, petitions, forums, articles, blogs, ..etc.

In the coming days other aspects of this digital, electronic, and grassroots campaigns will be launched. We will keep you informed about the developments in this project.

You can be part of this historic project by helping us spread this news.
I was out most of this evening. When I came home just a little while ago, I had the following email from David:
As you know we have launched a new Hebrew Web 2.0 social networking site in defense of a unified Jerusalem.

Whether you read Hebrew or not please watch the film on the top right. It shows how the current government of Israel is jeopardizing Jerusalem and the country if they give up any part of Jerusalem. Terrorists will move in and make all of Jerusalem a firing zone (See the interactive map of Jerusalem on the lower left which provides a graphic presentation of the range of Palestinians armaments and what they could hit from bases in "East Jerusalem".)

The film shows that "Right Wing" politicians Avigdor Lieberman (Yisrael Betanyu) and Eli Yishai (Shas) are part of the the government that is prepared to divide Jerusalem.

Israeli censors have refused to show this factual film on television. We need your help in spreading its existence on the Internet.
Here's the film:

And here's the map:

Please send a link to this post to your friends. If you are a blogger and you are not on One Jerusalem's list, please consider linking this post.


At 2:17 AM, Blogger Daniel said...

Good but I will never accept the term Palestinian" for anyone other than Jews.
They are Arabian colonists of the Land of Israel.


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