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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Hezbullah's woman in the FBI and the CIA is married to the State Department

The New York Post reports today that Nada Nadim Prouty, who obtained a visa to the United States and positions in the FBI and the CIA via a sham marriage, is now married to a State Department employee who has held 'sensitive posts' at Middle Eastern embassies.
Her third hubby, Gordon Prouty, 40, now works for the State Department in Washington, a spokesman confirmed Friday night. He had been stationed at American embassies in Egypt and Pakistan.

A Justice Department spokesman, Dean Boyd, refused to comment on Gordon Prouty's job, or say whether he was under investigation along with his criminal wife.

"He's not charged with any wrongdoing in this case," Boyd said.

But the revelation surprised national security watchdogs.

"My God, she's married to one of our people," said Mike Cutler, a former US immigration special agent.


Gordon Prouty was a foreign service officer under Secretary of State Madeleine Albright. In 1999, he transferred from Cairo to Islamabad, Pakistan, a State Department document shows.

The duties of a foreign service officer can include investigation of people applying for visas to enter the United States and protection of American citizens abroad.

Prouty returned to the United States in 2001, records show. He currently works in the State Department's office of resource management. Co-workers said he was in the office on Friday, but took a "holiday leave" until after Thanksgiving. He did not return calls.

It's unclear how or when Prouty met Nada, who divorced her second husband, Andrew Alley, in 2000. Records show the Proutys shared their current address, a townhouse in Vienna, Va., as far back as September, 2001. They have a daughter in preschool.

"Maybe he didn't know what she was doing behind his back," Cutler said.

Harvey Kushner, a criminal-justice professor and terrorism expert at Long Island University, said it's likely authorities are looking at the Prouty marriage. "If they're husband and wife, it would be important to see what involvement he had with records, his travels, his behavior, his contacts," Kushner said.
I did a little googling on Gordon Prouty. He graduated from Watertown High School in Watertown, South Dakota in 1986. There's more, but I won't discuss it for now.

I believe that he must have known what his wife was up to. It's inconceivable to me that he did not know. If anyone ever doubted that the Arab regimes have the US State Department in their pockets, those doubts are likely about to be dispelled by the time this incident is over.


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