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Saturday, November 03, 2007

Friends in the Weblog Awards

I just wanted to update you on some of my friends who are up for Weblog Awards. While I'd love to win an award, the best part of being up for one is that Mrs. Carl actually now believes that someone besides me reads my blog :-) So, without further ado....

Vote for Little Green Footballs in Best Online Community

Vote for JammieWearingFool in Best New Blog

Vote for zombietime in Best Photo Blog

Vote for Israel Matzav (Carl in Jerusalem - that's me!) in Best 251-500 Blogs

Vote for A Blog for All (lawhawk) in Best 1751-2500 Blogs

Vote for DUmmies FUnnies (pjcomix) in Funniest Blog

Other friends who are up for awards:

Vote for Hot Air (Allahpundit) in Best Video Blog

Vote for My Pet Jawa (Dr. Rusty) and Gateway Pundit (Midwest Jim) in the Best of the Top 250 Blogs

Vote for Powerline (Jon Hindraker) in Best Conservative Blog

Tonight, I discovered another friend who is up for an award:

Vote for Mother in Israel (I won't give her real name away) in Best Middle East or Africa Blog.

And last but not least vote for Red Sox pitcher (he should only stay with us) Curt Schilling in the Best Celebrity Blog category (no, he's not my friend, but I appreciate all he's done for my team and besides - he's ahead of that moonbat Rosie O'Donnell).

Hope I didn't leave anyone out. Actually, I know I did. I left out Michelle Malkin and Captain Ed (both in Best Blog and Best Conservative Blog) and Instapundit's Glenn Reynolds (Best Individual Blogger). I don't think they need my help anyway.


At 11:02 PM, Blogger Daniel434 said...

Thanks Carl for this update, I went to each and voted! Best of luck to you!

At 6:11 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

Weblog Awards are great for indicating which blogs are worth a read, but then you still have to read the hundreds of posts each day to keep up with all of those blogs. The Issue does a great job handpicking the best posts each day into a daily blog newspaper. It is definitely worth checking out.

You can read them at http://theissue.com


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