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Friday, November 09, 2007

Ban Ki-Moon springs into action, orders a probe

One week after 'Palestinian' terrorists shot mortars at Israel from the schoolyard of a Gaza elementary school administered by UNRWA, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon sprang into action tonight and ordered a 'probe.' (Yes, that's what the headline says). That sounds like something I would get from my gastroenterologist. Yuck!
UN officials said the school in the town of Beit Hanoun run by the UNRWA agency, which aids Palestinian refugees, was empty at the time of last week's incident after being evacuated because of an Israeli incursion into Gaza.

"The Secretary-General has asked that UNRWA fully investigate this incident," UN Spokeswoman Marie Okabe said at a news briefing. "The Secretary-General condemns this abuse of UN facilities, which is a serious violation of the UN's privileges and immunities," Okabe said.

"He calls on all involved in this conflict to avoid actions that endanger the lives of civilians, especially children, and that put at risk UNRWA's ability to carry out its humanitarian mission."

UNRWA Commissioner-General Karen Koning AbuZayd told a UN news conference on Wednesday that all teachers and students and the one guard employed at the school had been moved out following the Israeli incursion.

She said first reports were that a Palestinian militant had been killed near the school and UNRWA only discovered militants had been inside after seeing television footage a week ago.

"This is a problem when we're not there, what happens to our schools," AbuZayd said.

"We've complained frequently to both sides: to the Israelis when the IDF (Israeli Defense Forces) comes in and use our schools for interrogating people, and also to the Palestinians whenever anybody also violates our installations."
I never cease to be amazed at the UN's 'creativity.' The 'Palestinians' use a schoolyard to shoot mortars, and the UN's reaction is "It was empty anyway and that was the Israelis' fault."


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