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Monday, October 29, 2007

Terrorists targeted Israeli embassy in Berlin

The German Focus Magazine will report on Monday that intercepted conversations among terrorists this past September indicate that the Israeli embassy in Berlin was to have been one of the targets of the September 11, 2007 attacks.
"If we succeed in carrying out (the attack) on 9/11, at the same exact hour…they will go mad if, inshallah, it will happen during the same month – September," 28-year-old Adam Yalmaz is quoted as saying.

His partner, Rritz Glovitch, the son of doctor from southern Germany, is heard saying "we need three major targets." Among the possible targets mentioned in the conversation were local pubs, an American military base, discotheques, McDonald's restaurants, airports and the Israeli embassy.

According to the report, Yalmaz wanted to create panic by activating a fire alarm in a crowded area, at which point Glovitch was supposed to drive a car bomb into the crowd and set it off.

The third suspect named was Daniel Schneider.

"It's a good tactic–the moment they come out, we can enter and then–boom," Yalmaz said.

"Yes, that would be cool," Glovitch responded. "Most of the people will die from the shrapnel."

The tapes of the conversations also provide a possible explanation for the suspects' motives. They apparently planned to target not only the US, but also Germany for its involvement in the war in Afghanistan.
It's not yet clear whether the terrorists acted independently or under the auspices of a group like al-Qaeda. But keep admitting those Muslim immigrants into Europe. We'll see the Caliphate soon.


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