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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Rasmussen poll: 75% of Americans think 'peace process' leading nowhere

A Rasmussen poll indicates that 75% of Americans believe that it's not very likely or not likely at all that the Middle East conflict can be resolved before President Bush leaves office on January 20, 2009. I must say I'm shocked - just not shocked.

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Here are the bottom line findings from the well-respected Rasmussen poll released on October 18th:

20% of Americans say it’s likely that the Arab/Israeli conflict can be resolved by the time President Bush leaves office on January 20, 2009 - down from 27% in July.

Seventy-five percent (75%) say success is Not Very Likely or Not at All Likely to be achieved.

Skepticism about the possibility of Israel and the Palestinian people to peacefully exist side-by-side in the Middle East. Only 36% of Americans say it is possible while 37% disagree and 27% are not sure.

If progress is made that might lead to lasting peace, 63% of Americans believe that terrorists would attempt to sabotage the peace process. That figure is essentially unchanged from July.

The July survey found that 60% hold a favorable opinion of Israel while 26% have an unfavorable view of that nation. Just 23% have a favorable opinion of the Palestinians while 62% hold an unfavorable opinion.

67% of Americans consider Israel an ally. Also, a 2006 survey found strong support for the position “that the United States should not support the new Palestinian government until in recognizes Israel’s right to exist.”

So, tell us President Bush and Secretary Rice are you that delusional about trying to get a peace deal, any peace deal, because we need all that $90 a barrel Middle East oil from our ‘friends’ in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf Emirates?

I have one comment on this. It's not about oil anymore. With prices that high, even if the Arabs were to wake up tomorrow morning and reinstate the 1973 oil boycott, there would be other parties who would sell to the US. It's about something more important: Bush and Condi's place in history.


At 3:19 AM, Blogger Lydia McGrew said...

Some of us pro-Israel Americans are all too afraid that this "Middle East Peace Process" _will_ have the kind of success Rice and Bush hope for. And what would that be in objective fact? Israel making near-suicidal concessions, more land turned over to the "Palestinians" for them to turn into a horror show for their own people and a rocket launching pad. The trashing of East Jerusalem. And all with the sanction of being called (God help us) a sovereign state. And does anyone think the demands on Israel would end there? We have only to look at the way that Israel is now held responsible for the poverty in Gaza to know that it would not end there. It's angering, actually. But Bush and Rice, like so many other presidents and secretaries of state before them, believe that a "Palestinian peace deal" would be their legacy.

Well, Israel does have friends in the U.S. Mostly we are Christian Protestants like myself. Many are evangelicals, which is what I was by upbringing, though I now am a member of a small Anglican spin-off denomination. But contrary to the conspiracy theorists, we actually don't have much to do with what happens at the top levels. If anyone were to tell even an ostensibly "right-wing" President to stop trying to force the Israelis to make concessions to the Palestinians, he wouldn't listen.

I've seen your blog linked before from Jihad Watch or one of those places. I will probably be checking it more often now. Funny that I should have run into it from Mark Shea, whom I suspect of being somewhat inclined against Israel.


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