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Monday, October 01, 2007

PMO's office: al-Dura 'death' was staged

For the first time in the seven years since the incident took place, the Prime Minister's Office has officially denied that the IDF was responsible for the 'death' of Muhammed al-Dura seven years ago outside the then-Jewish town of Netzarim. The government has actually called the 'murder' a myth.
"The creation of the myth of Muhammad al-Dura has caused great damage to the State of Israel. This is an explicit blood libel against the state. And just as blood libels in the old days have led to pogroms, this one has also caused damage and dozens of dead," said Government Press Office director Daniel Seaman.

The arguments were based on investigations that showed that the angles of the IDF troops' fire could not have hit the child or his father, that part of the filmed material, mainly the moment of the boy's alleged death, is missing, and the fact that the cameraman can be heard saying the boy is dead while the boy is still seen moving.


During the past seven years, Israel has preferred not to confront the most popular television station in France, but following repeated requests by Shurat HaDin, Israel Law Center, the first official document from the Prime Minister's Office, signed by the GPO director, was issued last week.

The document argued that based on investigations that were carried out, the boy's death was staged by the French network's cameraman, Talal Abu Rahma.

In a letter to Shurat HaDin, Seaman wrote, "It turns out that the events could not have occurred as they were described by the network's reporter Charles Enderlin, since they contradict the laws of physics… Furthermore, it was not even possible to hit them (the boy and his father) in the place they were hiding according to the report."
Unfortunately, having reached the right conclusion, the government is not following through on it:
Nonetheless, following consultation with Attorney General Menachem Mazuz, the GPO director decided that Israel should not take criminal steps against France 2's reporters or revoke the government journalist certificates that were given to them in Jerusalem.

In his letter to Shurat HaDin, Seaman said he was instructed by the attorney general the treat the matter "on the public-media plane and not on the criminal plane".
Shurat HaDin is not done yet: Shurat HaDin Chairwoman Nitzana Darshan-Leitner said she did not accept the GPO's position.
"Shurat HaDin plans to continue to act in order to bring the truth to light," the chairwoman said.

"Among other things, we plan to petition the High Court of Justice and demand the journalist certificates and other GPO certificates are revoked from all France 2 crew members in Israel – reporters, cameramen, produces, etc – as long as the network does not publicly announce that the al-Dura report was staged and was biased.

"In addition, Shurat HaDin is considering filing a damages claim for the accumulated damage the report has caused, and specifically for the line of attacks and riots it has led to. This modern-day blood libel has led to the death of hundreds of Arabs and Jews and has ignited hatred solely for the purpose of ratings and poor journalism. We will demand that those responsible for this crime pay for their deeds."
The video is to be shown in court in France next month. If it turns out that the incident was staged (as so many of us believe), France 2's license should be revoked and Enderlin should be deported.

Watch the video to get a feel for the evidence:


At 1:06 AM, Blogger Dymphna said...

Being in government means you can drag your feet forever. And when you finally do speak up, you don't actually have to do anything.

Well...at least Israel doesn't take as long as Vatican City to say *something.*


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