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Monday, October 29, 2007

'Palestinians' threaten war again

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

The chief 'Palestinian' negotiator Ahmed Qureia Abu Ala threatened Israel with war if it does not accede to 'Palestinian' demands at the Annapolis conference mugging.
The top negotiator for the Palestinian Authority, Ahmed Qureia (Abu Ala), warned on Sunday that the region would suffer greatly in the event that the upcoming Annapolis peace conference failed.

"If the summit fails – frustration will win out over everything else and it will have a negative affect on the region. I cannot predict exactly what will happen, but it may lead to more wars.

"I warn now against failure there, which will open the door for extremists and extremism – and that door will be very difficult to close," said Qureia at a conference held by Meretz activists.

Qureia said that the key to the success of the conference lay in reaching an agreement that would serve as the basis for any final accords, including a clear timetable.

His adamant insistence on the establishment of a timetable came in response to Prime Minister Ehud Olmert's comments earlier on Sunday in which he said no detailed timetable would be made for the negotiations.

The Palestinians, Qureia said, will not settle for an agreement they deemed unfair. "We are not as weak as some in Israel would like to think....

"But we need support from Israel, not with kisses but with the evacuation of settlements. That is the real challenge."
First of all, I have to admit that I am having trouble distinguishing the 'extremists' from the 'moderates' these days, especially since the 'moderates' have an 'armed wing' that is terrorizing Sderot with Kassam rockets for which 'Mr. Moderate' - Abu Mazen - is paying.

Second, Israeli Prime Minister Ehud K. Olmert told everyone just yesterday that there would be no timetable and that the 'Palestinians' know it. Somehow, someone forgot to tell Abu Ala.

Third, note that the useful idiots from Meretz continue to host our murderous enemies and no one in the government (or outside of it for that matter) has anything to say in response.

Fourth, how do you hold a 'peace conference' with someone who threatens to kill you if you don't give them what they want? Doesn't sound like much of a 'conference.'


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