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Sunday, October 14, 2007

'Palestinian' irony watch: 'Settlers' throwing stones at us

The 'Palestinians' are complaining today that the residents of the Jewish 'outpost' at Shvut Ami have been throwing stones at them and 'disrupting' their lives.
It appears, however, that there are several settlers still living in the illegal outpost and disrupting the lives of the local residents traveling on nearby roads.

"The road goes under the outpost, and the settlers throw stones from 5 meters above, "said Zakaria Seda, a resident of the village of Jit, near Kedumim. "Palestinians from the Qalqilya and Nablus area who pass by are harassed by the settlers."

Seda said that many drivers were injured on the road as their car windows were shattered by the stones, and that a settler even caused a road accident this week by hurling a stone at a moving car.

"The driver had to suddenly brake, and was hit in the back by another car."
Other stoning incidents this weekend - about which nothing is being said or done - include a tourist who was injured when her bus was stoned near Nazareth (within the 'green line'), Bedouin 'youth' threw stones at cars on a Negev road, an Israeli car was stoned near Ramallah, several cars that were stoned on Highway 6 where it the major highway (speed limit - 110 kph) passes an Arab village and several cars that were stoned on Highway 65 in the Wadi Ara area this past week. I wonder if the police will investigate those stonings as diligently as they are investigating this one. Somehow, I doubt it.

Finally, I wonder what Yehuda Chaim Shoham HY"D (pictured at top left) would have to say about all of these stoning incidents. Unfortunately, he cannot tell us. He was murdered by 'Palestinians' who threw a boulder through his parents' car window in June 2001. He was five months old.


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