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Thursday, October 04, 2007

Even Olmert has 'red lines'

As if more were needed, we have more proof tonight that Fatah's purpose in demanding a 'Palestinian state' is not to live 'side by side in peace with Israel' but to replace the Jewish state. Prime Minister Ehud K. Olmert may be willing to turn the State of Israel into a truncated enclave, but even he is not willing to have Jews be a minority in the tiny bit of land he would leave us.
Army Radio reported that Olmert also demanded that every document composed before the conference be attached with a letter of guarantees that US President George Bush gave former prime minister Ariel Sharon. The letter, to which Abbas is opposed, rejects the Palestinian refugees' right of return and allows Israel to annex settlement blocks in the West Bank.
It seems that even Olmert has red lines. They're far away from our red lines, but apparently they do exist.

Abu Mazen cannot be the 'Palestinian' leader to give up on the 'right of return.' Even if he were inclined to do so (which he is not), he is far too weak to pull it off.


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