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Friday, October 26, 2007

Dutch government funding anti-Israel group

The Dutch government gave 500,000 euros to an anti-Israel group called United Civilians for Peace last year according to the Centrum Informati une Documentie Israel, an organization run by Dutch-born historian Yonatan Bar-On, who lives in Haifa. This is a Babblefish translation of a Dutch article from CIDI's web site.
Research report: "United Civilians for Peace polarise and agitate unilaterally against Israel"

The cooperation bond United Civilians for Peace (UCP) make themselves guilty to unilateral political agitation against Israel and play a polarising role in the public debate concerning the middle east. The activities of the organisation stand haaks on the foreign policy of Europe and the Netherlands and make absolutely no constructive contribution to come about of a peaceful, equitable outcome of the Palestinian Israelisch conflict. These are the most important conclusions of the research report to activities and objectives of UCP, which under the title "United Civilians against has appeared today Israel" at CIDI, centre information and documentation Israel. The report has been made available to the House of Commons and the ministries of foreign affairs and development cooperation.

UCP were set up in 2001, by the cofinancing organisations ICCO, Cordaid, Netherlands Organisation for International Development Cooperation, the peace movements IKV, Pax Christi and the Protestant aid organisation KerkinActie. Year earlier this KerkinActie because of anti the elaboration of UCP from the cooperation bond stepped. This decision was for the historian Bert the bruin, researcher Markus Flamman and researcher Indra Barry reason a thorough establish research. United Civilians for Peace say be pro-mensenrechten "distinguishing to source". But after dozens interview and literature search the authors of the report reach the conclusion, which the real existence reason for United Civilians for Peace conducting a purely political and unilateral lobby against Israel is.

The research workers give several examples of this eenzijdigheid. If Palestinian human rights palestijnen become are violated that for UCP hardly interesting. However, if that happens Israel. Constant clamours UCP and in this the participating organisations to sanctions against the Jewish state. But if the Iranian nuclear program comes for the talk, they minimise this with as argument that be able survive a nuclear weapon the ayatollahregime necessary has to. At its multiple activities against the ` wall between Israel and the western Jordan bank, UCP never discuss the most important ontstaansreden: the prevention of attacks. But rapgroep, which compare in one of its songs Israel with nazi's and violence justify, had been organised previous year ordinary welcome on by UCP a festival.

From the report becomes clear that UCP have no own legal personality. It is a working party of ICCO, Cordaid, Oxfam-Novib and Ikv-Pax Christi, which also the budget of? 450,000 a? 500,000 per year provide. The research workers think that this commitment and this money improve spend could. They suggest to this end a number of Palestinian and Arabisch-Joodse cooperation projects. Within those projects cooperate Jews and Arabs, Israeli's and palestijnen and lay they the foundation for a future, in which two states, Israel and palestina, peacefully beside each other live. CIDI consider it incomprehensible that ICCO, Cordaid, Oxfam-Novib and Ikv-Pax Christi, who are mainly financed by the ministry of development cooperation money and man strength which is intended for relieving distresses in lobby activities and political agitation stop against Israel.
If anyone speaks Dutch and can do a real translation, please do.

But as I understand it, this organization advocates for Iran to have nuclear weapons and for negotiating with Hamas, and has sponsored an event at which a rap group that sings Nazi songs appeared. Meanwhile, the streets of Amsterdam burn.


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