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Monday, October 29, 2007

Dhimmi's 'documentary' takes a dive

It's been a great weekend sports fans. Not only did the Sox sweep the Rocks and the Pats flay the Skins, but Dhimmi Carter's 'documentary' about promoting his venomous lies previewed in theaters this weekend and was a complete flop. This is from Allahpundit and the picture at top left is from David A. Lunde.

On its first weekend, the film did a whopping 10 grand at the box office in 7 theatres. That works out to about $1500 per theater, not enough to cover a single screening fee.

How surprising. Who wouldn’t want to sit through two hours watching an old man dodge questions about plagiarism, his book’s extreme anti-Israel and pro-Palestinian bias, his illogical equation of Israel with South African apartheid, and his repeat offenses of snuggling with anti-American tinpots? Who wouldn’t want to see the self-righteous man who helped usher in the Iranian mullahcracy hug his Nobel and chastise the president who is having to clean up the mess that Carter left for all of his successors?

Let's see him try to blame the Dersh for this one.


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