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Sunday, October 07, 2007

Another traitor at Haaretz

A month ago, I reported that Danny Rubinstein, a senior editor of Israel's Hebrew 'Palestinian' daily, is a traitor.
Rubinstein, speaking before 350 guests at the European Union's Brussels parliament building, said: "Today Israel is an apartheid state with different status for four different Palestinian groups: those in Gaza, East Jerusalem, the West Bank and Israeli Palestinians," the UN report on the conference says. The Jewish Telegraphic Agency says Rubinstein confirmed the comment as more than mere linguistics. "I asked him if he really thought Israel was in a state of apartheid," said the reporter who spoke with him. "And he answered 'yes.'"

The ramifications of branding Israel as apartheid were outlined in several other sessions of the conference, which called for global sanctions and boycotts of the Jewish state. Rubinstein also spoke out in favor of recognizing Hamas's election victory and against the "Partition Wall."
Today, another editor of the same publication has come forward to betray the State of Israel. No surprises here - it's the paper's senior political editor, Akiva Eldar (pictured below).

On October 1st and 2nd Eldar was hosted by Americans for Peace Now, and on September 20th he was the guest of Meretz at its New York offices.

Eldar stepped into the controversy surrounding the recently published book "The Israel Lobby," which alleges that a powerful network of lobby groups and Jewish organizations induce the US to pursue policies that are against its best interests. Eldar endorsed authors Prof. John Mearsheimer and Prof. Stephen Walt’s thesis, and said: “A small minority of people dictates their interests to the US and the Middle East, and the mainstream American Jewish lobby is directing US decisions from Israel.”

Echoing CNN’s Christianne Amanpour, who in her recent documentary “God’s Jewish Warriors” used the settlement of Judea and Samaria to criticize the American Jewish establishment, Eldar seemed to seek the next step: American Jewish adoption of the anti-settlement line of the Israeli hard-left. “The settlements are the ultimate proof that the American Jewish lobby should get an award for dictating their policy to the US government,” Saudi-based Arab News reported Eldar as saying.

Eldar endorsed the Arab League’s recent “Peace Initiative,” actually a repackaging of the Saudi Initiative of 2002 – which demands Israel withdraw to its pre-1967 borders, divide Jerusalem and compensate or accept Arab expatriates in return for recognition by the Arabs. “The majority of Israelis agree with this, but the settlers’ lobbies — both in the US and Israel — are so strong that it turns us away from peace," he said.

The Haaretz editor expressed his great support for the Partition Wall between most of Judea and Samaria and the rest of Israel, and voiced hope that the Annapolis conference in November would result in the eviction of Jews from the “Palestinian” side. “I believe the wall did us a favor,” Eldar said, “as it brought back the idea of partition in Israel. The problem is no longer where, but when we withdraw to the line…The settlements are about Jewish hegemony — and they failed.”

Note that despite his virulent opposition to 'settlements,' Eldar is in favor of the 'security fence'. Three weeks ago, I wrote:
So why is there a fence? The real reason there is a fence and the real reason why the leftist Supreme Court is constantly moving the fence towards the green line is that the fence is what the left hopes will be the future border of Israel with the 'Palestinian' state reichlet. One major hangup with that plan is the presence of some 70,000 Jewish revenants in cities and towns that are beyond the fence. Enter the non-partisan leftist One House organization which is trying to scare the Jews who live beyond the fence into fleeing from their homes.


Vilan could care less what happens to Jews who live outside the 'security fence.' His agenda, and the agenda of most of the 'fence's supporters, is to get the Jews out of Judea and Samaria. The next time someone tells you otherwise, just ask them who supports the 'fence' and who opposes it, how the 'fence' - much of which is not completed - has cut down terror attacks until now, and how the 'fence' will protect us in the future if there are no Jews and no IDF in Judea and Samaria.
Eldar just confirmed every word I said on that subject. And now he has become a conspiracy theorist and considers himself an expert on American Jewry and how it lobbies Washington too.


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