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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Annapolis plan

I had planned to write a post today calling for the cancellation of the Annapolis conference. It seemed like a no-brainer. With the 'Palestinians' threatening violence if the conference (inevitably) failed, the parties far apart on every issue, and even President Bush himself supposedly questioning whether it should be convened, there seemed to be no rationale for Condi Rice beating her head against the wall trying to pull the conference off. Until I saw this report by David Bedein.

The conference is still going to fail and we will probably have another round of violence when it does, as we did after Camp David in 2000. But that won't happen until Prime Minister Ehud K. Olmert, like his predecessors, undermines Israel's position yet again by creating concessions that he hopes will lock in his successors.
Olmert’s spokespeople emphasized that the Israeli government did not expect to reach any agreement with the Palestinians at the summit, that the “only thing that would happen there would be declarations,” adding that “Israel will announce its recognition of a Palestinian Arab National state, alongside an Israeli Jewish national state, with Israel formally accepting the road map.”

That road map was presented by then - US Secretary of State Colin Powell and then- White House National Security Advisor Condeleeza Rice to Israel and the Palestinians in May 2003, and adopted by the Israeli cabinet underthen- Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon.

However, this reporter asked Olmert’s cabinet secretary about the 14 reservations that the Israeli cabinet had tacked on as conditions to the road map, one week after the Israeli government had ratified the plan, in May 2003. How quickly people forget.

The cabinet secretary repeated himself, reading Olmert’s statement once again that Israel was accepting the road map. The cabinet secretary indicated that there were no conditions in Olmert’s statement.
The fourteen reservations - which the US promised to 'seriously address' - may be found here. Among them are the following:
1. Both at the commencement of, and during the process, and as a condition to its continuance, calm will be maintained. The Palestinians will dismantle the existing security organizations and implement security reforms during the course of which new organizations will be formed and act to combat terror, violence and incitement (incitement must cease immediately and the Palestinian Authority must educate for peace).

These organizations will engage in genuine prevention of terror and violence through arrests, interrogations, prevention and the enforcement of the legal groundwork for investigations, prosecution and punishment. In the first phase of the plan and as a condition for progress to the second phase, the Palestinians will complete the dismantling of terrorist organizations (Hamas, Islamic Jihad, the Popular Front, the Democratic Front, Al-Aqsa Brigades and other apparatuses) and their infrastructure; collection of all illegal weapons and their transfer to a third party for the sake of being removed from the area and destroyed; cessation of weapons smuggling and weapons production inside the Palestinian Authority; activation of the full prevention apparatus and cessation of incitement.

There will be no progress to the second phase without the fulfillment of all above-mentioned conditions relating to the war against terror. The security plans to be implemented are the Tenet and Zinni plans. [As in the other mutual frameworks, the road map will not state that Israel must cease violence and incitement against the Palestinians].


5. The character of the provisional Palestinian state will be determined through negotiations between the Palestinian Authority and Israel. The provisional state will have provisional borders and certain aspects of sovereignty, be fully demilitarized with no military forces, but only with police and internal security forces of limited scope and armaments, be without the authority to undertake defense alliances or military cooperation, and Israeli control over the entry and exit of all persons and cargo, as well as of its air space and electromagnetic spectrum.

6. In connection to both the introductory statements and the final settlement, declared references must be made to Israel's right to exist as a Jewish state and to the waiver of any right of return for Palestinian refugees to the State of Israel.

7. End of the process will lead to the end of all claims and not only the end of the conflict.


9. There will be no involvement with issues pertaining to the final settlement. Among issues not to be discussed: settlement in Judea, Samaria and Gaza (excluding a settlement freeze and illegal outposts); the status of the Palestinian Authority and its institutions in Jerusalem; and all other matters whose substance relates to the final settlement.

10. The removal of references other than 242 and 338 (1397, the Saudi Initiative and the Arab Initiative adopted in Beirut). A settlement based upon the road map will be an autonomous settlement that derives its validity therefrom. The only possible reference should be to Resolutions 242 and 338, and then only as an outline for the conduct of future negotiations on a permanent settlement.


12. The deployment of IDF forces along the September 2000 lines will be subject to the stipulation of Article 4 (absolute quiet) and will be carried out in keeping with changes to be required by the nature of the new circumstances and needs created thereby. Emphasis will be placed on the division of responsibilities and civilian authority as in September 2000, and not on the position of forces on the ground at that time.
With a wave of the hand, Olmert has dismissed all of the above and more:
In other words, the Olmert administration plans to use the Annapolis Middle East Summit to announce to the world that it will recognize an independent, sovereign and armed foreign nation state in the hills of Judea, Samaria (the West Bank) and on the coastline of Gaza and, perhaps, in some of Jerusalem without a prerequisite that the Palestinian leadership dismantle terrorist organizations.

This reporter also asked if the Israeli government would specifically demand that Yassir Arafat’s successor, Machmud Abbas, AKA Abu Mazen, would be required to dismantle the Al Aksa Brigades of the Fatah organization, which work under the direct command of Abbas, who is also the Chairman of the Fatah. The answer from Olmert’s cabinet secretary was that the Israeli government had not taken a stand on that subject.

This reporter also asked Olmert’s cabinet secretary if the Israeli government would ask that Abbas order the cancellation of the Palestinian educational curriculum that is based on Israel’s destruction. The answer from Olmert’s cabinet secretary was that the Israeli government had not taken a stand on that subject.

In other words, when the Israeli government cabinet secretary innocuously says that, at Annapolis, “Israel will announce its recognition of a Palestinian Arab National state,” that means that Israel accepts a “state of Palestine” contiguous to Israel without any formal requirement that this new nation state crush terrorist organizations that pose a threat to the lives of Israel’s citizens.
Olmert is now giving up Israel's positions on dismantling terrorist organizations (not required by Olmert), the 'right of return' (conceded by Olmert), the conflict being declared finished upon the conclusion of an agreement (new demands can start the day after any agreement is implemented), and the 'Saudi initiative' (calling for return to the 1967 borders and allowing 'refugees' into Israel, to be as much a starting point as UN Resolution 242 - which requires much less - according to Olmert), among others.

The Annapolis Plan is a disaster for Israel and its future. It must be stopped.


At 8:28 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

Thanks Carl. It's a suicidal step submitting to genocide, and I've sent out some protests, but Arlene Kushner writes of reports that "the ambassador and the consul general are getting NO protests about what Israel is doing." http://www.arlenefromisrael.info/current-postings/2007/10/26/october-26-2007-more.html

Very helpful info and updates (talking points, sample letter, etc) are available by signing up for emails from http://www.israelunitycoalition.org/

At 12:03 AM, Blogger J. Lichty said...

orde: how can American Jews protest a decision by officials not elected by them? While we should be complaining to our government (as the so-called Israel lobby AIPAC supports this suicide because its goal is supporting the US-Israel alliance regardless of substance), it is up to the Israeli people and nationalist/zionist opposition to do something about it.

American adminstrations (with the possible exception of prayed-for Guiliani administration) will always attemtp to pacify the Arabs with Jewish blood. It has been a feature of American foreign policy since Eisenhower.

At 2:33 AM, Blogger Lydia McGrew said...

Can you tell us more about Olmert's conceding the "right of return"? I had not heard that before, though I had heard some crazy talk about conceding it "in theory" and then planning to buy off the Palestinian Arabs with money instead of actually letting them return. But I didn't know what Olmert had already conceded on the subject.

This is terrible. But there's not a thing, I fear, that ordinary U.S. citizens can do about it. You guys have to bring down the Olmert government. I don't know enough about Israeli politics to know how, legally, that is done. But people talk about it.

At 5:31 AM, Blogger Daniel434 said...

In other words, when the Israeli government cabinet secretary innocuously says that, at Annapolis, “Israel will announce its recognition of a Palestinian Arab National state,”
Well that seems unlikely. What historical facts will they pull out? Will they just make them up?(Probably). Most likely more 'Palestinians' and liberals will just continue to whitewash history like they always do.

Lydia is correct, you Israeli citizens need to stand up for your Jewish State, that little strip of land is yours! Continue the great blogging Carl, it's definitely a step forward to combat nonsense and other moonbattery and inform us here in the states and everywhere across the world.

Personally, I think this is all much about nothing, and nothing will come of this "Annapolis Plan" and in fact I have heard very little from US Press about it. I will continue to pray for your country Carl, but I think again, your country will prevail.

I am in Maryland(it would be a quite a drive to Annapolis tho)... do they need protesters? :)


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