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Monday, September 17, 2007

With 600 missiles pointed at Israel, Iran is ready for war

Yesterday, French foreign minister Bernard Kouchner warned that there may be no choice other than going to war with Iran to prevent it from obtaining nuclear weapons.
"We have to prepare for the worst, and the worst is war," he said in an interview broadcast on television and radio.

"We must negotiate right to the end," with Iran, he said, but underlined that if Tehran possessed an atomic weapon, it would represent "a real danger for the whole world."
Of course that does not mean that Europe's prostitutes will do anything to prevent Tehran from obtaining nuclear weapons. After all, business is business:
Kouchner added France had advised its large companies not to respond to tenders in Iran and repeated a call for greater pressure on Tehran over its nuclear program.

Kouchner said the companies that had been contacted were free to decide what to do.

"We have already asked a certain number of our large companies to not respond to tenders, and it is a way of signaling that we are serious," Kouchner said.

"We are not banning French companies from submitting. We have advised them not to. These are private companies. But I think that it has been heard and we are not the only ones to have done this."
I wonder what France would do if Shihab missiles were pointed at Paris.

Today, the Iranians fired back:
Six hundred Iranian Shihab-3 missiles are pointed at targets throughout Israel, and will be launched if either Iran or Syria are attacked, an Iranian website affiliated with the regime reported on Monday.
I wonder why they didn't shoot some on September 6.
"Iran will shoot at Israel 600 missiles if it is attacked," the Iranian news website, Assar Iran, reported. "600 missiles will only be the first reaction."

According to the report, dozens of locations throughout Iraq, which are being used by the US Army, have also been targeted.
They also accused France of 'pandering' to the United States:
In response to Kouchner's comments, Iran's state-owned news agency accused France of pandering to the interests of the United States.

"The new occupants of the Elysee (Presidential palace) want to copy the White House," the IRNA news agency said in an editorial. The editorial added that French President Nicolas Sarkozy was taking on "an American skin."
Meanwhile, Ahmadinejad's best friend, Mohamed ElBaradei, slammed talk of war as 'hype':
Invoking the war in Iraq, the chief UN nuclear inspector criticized talk of attacking Iran as "hype" Monday, saying such options should only be considered as a last resort and only if authorized by the UN Security Council.

"I would not talk about any use of force," said Mohamed ElBaradei, the head of the International Atomic Energy Agency, in an indirect response to French warnings that the world had to be prepared for the possibility of war in the event that Iran obtains atomic weapons.
As long as George Bush is President of the United States, one thing you can bet will not happen is a months' long security council debate over whether to attack Iran. If Bush decides to do it, he's not likely to wait for the Russians and the Chinese to agree. Of course, if Bush leaves office with the problem still intact and a Dhimmicrat is elected President, we are much more likely to see an attack stalled until it is too late.

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