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Sunday, September 16, 2007

US law enforcement visits Ben Gurion Airport

At Gates of Vienna, Dymphna blogs a visit to Tel Aviv's Ben Gurion Airport, our main international gateway, by US law enforcement officials seeking guidance on how to enhance security. The post and the article it blogs, including the accompanying video, are quite interesting, and I urge you to read and watch. But I'd like to call your attention to one point in Dymphna's post:
Watch the video at the Ynet link above to see the police confronted with the question of racial profiling. They skate around it, but I sense that maybe they’re trying to come to grips with the reality whilst still retaining their jobs.
If they're trying to 'come to grips with the reality,' they are a step ahead of Israel's politicians, who are trying to undermine our security by doing away with profiling.


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