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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Israeli helicopters in Lebanon?

A Lebanese blog is reporting that Israeli helicopters dropped two Humvee vehicles near the 'French room' - one of the highest points in Lebanon - and then headed out towards the Bekaa Valley in eastern Lebanon.
Israeli helicopters flew over the western mountain range of Lebanon , dropped two "Humvees " on the French room and headed towards the town of Niha in the Bekaa valley region.

The Lebanese army will neither confirm nor deny the incident.

This information was released by Radio el Sharque ( East) . The report did not indicate the number of the Israeli Helicopters nor the purpose of the mission.
The 'French room' is located atop the highest peak of the Sanine mountain range, and was once populated by French soldiers.

I find this story hard to believe (why would Israel be dropping empty Humvees - which are used to securely transport troops - atop a mountain in western Lebanon?), but stay tuned.


At 9:33 PM, Blogger Hulkette said...

I'd have found it much harder to believe before reading the Times of London report that the attack on Syria included ground troops, who were positioned there a day earlier.


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