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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

'Israeli Arab' arrested for smuggling 'Palestinians' into Israel

Arutz Sheva reports on an incident in which an 'Israeli Arab' from 'East Jerusalem' (Israel Radio added that item) was arrested yesterday after trying to run down IDF soldiers at a roadblock near Shchem (Nablus). When he was arrested, it turned out that the man had twenty-one passengers in his nine-seat van (according to Israel Radio last night - you will note that Arutz Sheva calls it a truck), whom he was smuggling into Israel. The passengers - all 'Palestinians' without proper papers to be in Israel - were all ostensibly seeking 'work' in 'Israel proper.' Several suicide bombers have entered 'Israel proper' in precisely the same way in the past. By the time they were arrested, the van was already on Highway 5, the continuation of the Trans-Samaria Highway, that ends at the coastal road just south of Herzliya. Again, in 'Israel proper.' But here's the best part:
Police discovered that the driver had a false policeman’s ID, a police hat, and police siren. The driver and his 21 passengers, none of them Israeli citizens, were taken to a nearby police station for questioning.
I'm sure those were just not props for a Halloween costume and were not to facilitate illegal activity.

With irredentists among us, who needs external enemies?


At 3:52 PM, Blogger Daniel said...

look for peace now types to defend this and for Barak to let them stay for family reunification


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